Friday 2 September 2016

Modesty doesn't confine me

Welcome Spring!
We have once again had several seasons this week, even today started out very gloomy and right now the sun has come and made a guest appearance. 
With the warmer weather approaching, I thought I'd touch on what modesty embodies for me. Warmer weather usually signals the shedding of layers and showing more skin and for some it proves to be a challenge in trying to dress modestly without feeling hot and bothered. 
 I am part of a dynamic group of women who feel passionately about modesty, and who believe it should be embraced and celebrated. These #iFashSouthAfrica ladies are all different, in character, personality, age and occupation. The aim is to inspire women of all backgrounds and ages to be proudly modest and not to let it inhibit their style or individuality.
To me, modesty is more than the clothes one wears, it is the way a woman carries herself and conducts herself each day. It is in the way she speaks, in her daily interactions with others; I would call it an inner grace. I believe that modesty shines through the clothes, it can be seen and felt, tangibly a part of the individual. 
While dressing demurely is a big part of modesty, it is NOT modesty. Clothes enhance the character of a person, and can be seen in the different style each person possesses. 
Our iFash photoshoot clearly represents that we are all very different individuals and yet we are all modest in our own way. However, we have the same belief systems and grace which shines through when interacting with others, it is even highlighted and visible in the photos.

Being modest does not inhibit me, instead I am comfortable to be myself, the best version each and every day. 
Being modest does not confine me, instead it gives me the confidence to fearlessly work towards my goals. 
Being modest does not oppress me, instead I feel empowered, knowing that I am valued for who I am.
Being modest has not changed me in any way, instead I have found the true essence of who I am. 

Keep an eye out for more to come from our fierce, modest iFash South Africa team! 

Our photographer @MohammadRawootCouture did an amazing job with the photos, wouldn't you agree?

iFash South Africa representatives:

Rushda Behardien aka RuBe's Closet
Roshan Isaacs aka Chic Turban Styling
Fatima Wise aka MeMrsMe
Laaiqah Isaacs aka SouthernHijaabian

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Group Selfie!
Behind the scenes

My outfit:
Coat from AllthingsGlam
Banana Republic shirt from Stuttafords
ZARA jeans
Vince Camuto heels
Lovisa earrings
River Island scarf

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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