Friday 18 March 2016

Transitional blazer; No Judgement

Hello dear readers, 

It’s Friday, school holidays are upon us and I have a week getaway on my horizon; so I’m on a high. A break from playing mom’s taxi, classes, cooking meals, helping with homework and weekend soccer matches… These little vacations make the routine bearable and when I return I will be ready to resume with gusto.
Despite having a dream holiday on my radar, and feeling on top of the world, this week has certainly raised some disturbing issues. It has been a week where we have seen cyber bullying at it’s best (worst), judgements being passed and individuals being attacked. 
With the growing influence of social media, our youth think it is ‘acceptable’ to pass mean comments and make hateful statements, all with the premise that it’s OK to express an opinion, whether solicited or not (albeit from the safety of behind a screen). It has become ‘acceptable’ to express an opinion on how badly dressed someone is, or how fat someone has become and the reactions spiral into a frenzy of sensationalism. This kind of behaviour illustrates how destructive we are as a society, without giving a thought for the feelings or struggles an individual (celebrity or not) may be going through. Just because their vocation has placed them in the public eye does not mean that it is fine to pass hateful comments, or express a malicious unsolicited opinion. Everybody experiences difficulties at some point, and we have no idea of the space the person we are directing it at, may be at the time of making these venomous judgements or statements. 
Young girls and boys are struggling with body shaming, self esteem and peer pressure apart from the pressures of just being an adolescent and all the changes happening within themselves. Society creates unrealistic expectations for the youth and celebrities provide such skewed versions of role models, that as parents we have a tough job ahead of us… Just to ensure our kids grow up with healthy body image, good self esteem and confidence and at the same time respecting the next person. I aim to teach them empathy and diplomacy, able to stand their ground without arrogance. 

And while I have focused on the youth, it has become plainly obvious that this behaviour is not unique to teenagers. Adults have shown the same mean, judgemental side without respect or regard for the next person. I reiterate that everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but if you have not been asked, a negative remark may sting in a place you were not aware of. A negative remark may just deepen a depression that person is fighting, may reinforce their low self esteem or be the straw to break the camels back and prompt a withdrawal from the world. 
Having suffered from low self esteem myself, I know the hard road one has to travel to build it back up, that even a veiled insult could derail your healing. I was always an overachiever, probably due to the fact that I needed to excel to be able to feel good about myself, but this in itself sends a message to society that I am strong enough to handle the nastiness, the judgements; when all it does is affect the healing; until the day you reach a point where these things no longer affects your balance. Unfortunately this point only happened for me as an adult, I hope and pray that the youth of today will be able to withstand the punches thrown at them by societies trolls.

“When you know yourself you are empowered, 

When you accept yourself you are invincible” 

- Tina Lifford

On that note, today I’m sharing a relaxed work look using a blazer to transition into Autumn. I’ve paired an oversized t-shirt and olive skinny (this colour is in all stores this season) with chunky heeled sandals. Fringe remains relevant into Winter as can be seen in all the Bohemian influences in the latest ranges.

Country Road blazer
Woolworths t-shirt
H&M olive skinny
Heels from Zando
Zibastyles neckpiece
Scarf from Bespoke Hijabi (now Hse of Bespoke by WH)
Pearl earrings purchased abroad (Bali jeweller)
Mimco chunky bracelet

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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