Friday 11 March 2016

Pre-Autumn Colour and Tragedies

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We have such tragedies in the Western Cape this past week with the death of two teenage girls. The senseless violence has shocked me to the core, mainly because the one incident happened after 4pm on a Monday afternoon, at a time when kids are out and about around people. My kids are walking to and from activities at that time, they are on that routine of sport and school and life. To hear that another teen on the other side of Cape Town was attacked while my son was making his way to sport practice (at exactly the same time!),  a 15 minute walk, threw me off  kilter that day. 
I had the urgent need to rush through the roads I knew he’d be walking, to go and wait at the open soccer field they practice at, just to ensure his safety. But the reality is that it’s not practical, at some point they need to exercise their independence if they are to be well functioning adults. And while it may not be practical, the urge to protect and shield our kids from the atrocities in this world is so strong. Kids are being harmed at every turn, from young toddlers to teenagers just entering young adulthood with their faces turned towards the future. It’s heartbreaking when those dreams and aspirations are cut short by a pointless murder or violent act.
It’s even harder having to explain to kids that something like this has happened, unprovoked and with no reason. It leaves them feeling confused, scared and unsure of how to avoid the same fate. This is one of those instances where parents don’t have the answers and there are no solutions. 
The best one can do is raise our youth with a sense of responsibility and a belief that humanity is not all about these incidences, that humanity is still good. We have to highlight the good acts, with the hope that the good will outweigh the bad. And even though we have serious challenges ahead of us as a country with social inequalities, struggling emerging economy and political issues, the only way to effect positive change is to empower our youth. Our youth will be our saving grace, so let’s work at protecting them, inspiring optimism and hope, helping them recover from trauma and provide the best support structures equally at all levels of society.
Today’s outfit features an old bargain jumpsuit paired with a Witchery First Edition cape. The idea is to demonstrate that even a low cost piece can still be dressed up; and when paired with the right accessories and pieces can combine into a stylish outfit.

Mr P floral jumpsuit (old)
Witchery Cape
Trenery scarf
H&M wedges
Gifted bag (old)
Ralph Lauren sunglasses (Sunglass Hut, Bali)

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