Friday 29 January 2016

Colour of love OOTD

Welcome lovelies!

This week provided some relief from the intense heat, and we welcomed some much needed rain.
(I offer up a prayer of gratitude and thanks).
On that note of thanks, I have decided to make today’s topic for some inspiration, LOVE. In all its shapes and forms, it is as essential for life as breathing. I don’t only refer to romantic love, but self love,  sibling love, parental love, love of anything which makes one happy. It is proven that if we concentrate on those things in life which bring us happiness, we will be happier. And what will lead from happiness is love, it will emanate from your being and will be a tangible feeling that can be felt around you, thereby radiating positive energy. And whatever you send out into the universe, will come around; you will be loved in return. 
The journey starts with self love, not vanity, it starts at the point where we decide to value ourselves. As parents we place ultimate importance on the fact that our children should have high self esteem, confidence and enough self awareness to be well functioning adults (especially in our superficial society). We focus on their development, sometimes to the detriment of our own progress. Life is not static, so emotions and feelings change all the time, this means that as adults we too need to constantly develop self esteem, confidence and self awareness. Trials and tribulations thrown at us will change our path, can throw us off balance and result in compromised self esteem and confidence. The only solution is to get up, reroute and face in a new direction. Rebuild that self esteem and confidence; and the belief in yourself will propel you forward. 
When we focus on positivity, we attract positivity… 
So let’s go out there and spread some love, it can be in the form of a hug, a heartfelt thank you or just a smile. The world will be a better place when our theme is positive, it will be a better place when we stop looking into other gardens instead of our own. 
And in today’s monochrome lookpost I’ve included the colour of love to pop! the outfit.
 Red represents love, passion, energy and motivates action. 
These pieces are all from last Winter, and will continue as staples in my wardrobe. 
Remember, now that we have the January sales in full force, that smart shopping is essential. Pay higher prices for classics made with good fabrics, and lesser for high fashion trendy pieces.

Outfit details:
Country Road Shirt (shop similar here)
Soviet coated denim jeans from Zando (shop here)
Scarf gifted
Madison heels from Zando (shop similar here)
Pauls Boutique leather shopper (shop similar here)
Tiffany & Co bracelets bought abroad

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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