Friday 8 January 2016

Welcoming 2016 opportunities

Welcome 2016!

As I sit and ponder on the upcoming year I have to keep in mind my ‘resolution’ to take regular time outs this year and successfully balance work and leisure. (I’m not one for resolutions, thus it is more of a mindset.)
2015 was a year of enlightenment, growth and so many opportunities that I am eternally grateful. It was a year filled with realisations, about myself, those around me and how toxicity needs to be obliterated from my life. Negative energy and people will not be given any space in my world, instead I will endeavour to always do good, teach good, learn good things and engage in activities that will strengthen my soul, my mind and spirituality.

During December I literally took a month break and dedicated the time to myself and my family - it was certainly the best way to end 2015, a phenomenal year. I spent the time creating memories and had experiences that will enrich my mind and soul with positivity. I was separated from my husband and kids for two weeks and although I missed them dearly, I made the most of my journey and completed what I had set out to do. Above all, what I treasure most and has become clear in the past year, is the people who matter, those who aim to inspire and uplift, those who live life with the same credo that I do. It is important to know who those key people are in your life, as they help you build your ladder as much as you help them build their sails, and vice versa. Life is about giving (and not always taking) without the expectation of anything in return, it is about compromise and giving love unconditionally. 

I wish all readers a wonderful, prosperous year ahead - may it be filled with love, peace and positivity. May you be able to make the most of opportunities that cross your path, and be mindful that dreams don’t happen unless you work at making them a reality. 
So dream BIG, and work HARD.
And don’t forget that PLAY is part of the process!

My lookpost for today is an upbeat bright one, featuring a digital ombre print dress and playful colourful leather pumps. Perfect for Summer and perfect for starting the year on the right note.

Outfit details:
Fate Dress ffom (shop similar here)
ZARA jegging
Nine West heels
Old Khaki Scarf
Rebecca Minkhoff fringe bag
Zibastyles neckpiece(shop here)

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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