Friday 22 January 2016

Beat the Summer heat…

Welcome readers, 

The first full week of school and work, and we sure had some scorchers! Life has returned to normal, and even though I am armed with the intentions to balance life, my first week was a bit of a crazy one. There are certain things which are outside of my control so I will have to focus on balancing those things I can control. Kids schedules, sport commitments, music classes and all the rest were a distant memory when I started this year with enthusiasm. 
As always, life happens, and the original plans need to be altered to tie in with my objectives; taking into account any detours on the path. No matter, I have opened myself up to embrace things as they happen, with the ethos that if it was meant for me it will happen. I have also been trying to let the reins go of things that don’t matter as much and not trying to control everything around me.
Let It Go. 
If it is not an integral part of your plan, or it is not a life and death situation, just let it go. It is also important to be able to distinguish between issues which are not yours, and when people attempt to dump at your door. Steer clear of drama, those who are constantly in victim mode and those who always blame someone / something else for their circumstances. In time they too will realise that the only way to improve your life is by looking inwards. One needs to start the change from the inside and the rest will happen; and realise that nobody else is responsible for your journey but you.
There is no foolproof recipe for living a better spiritually balanced life, and we all just try our best, but if you are mindful of the above, you are on the right path.

I have found myself drawn to whites, this past few weeks and I am certain it’s due to an inner calm I have found. This white cottage dress from Gadija Khan is perfect to beat the heat, it’s light and flowy and super modest. It can be worn open as a light throw over skinnies and t-shirt or as a dress with leggings, so its really trend and versatile.

Outfit details:
Cottage dress by Gadija Khan Designs (check put her pieces here)
ZARA pants
Burberry scarf bought abroad
Woolworths leather sandals (buy here)
Kate Spade handbag bought abroad
Rebelfunk statement necklace (buy similar here)

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