Friday 13 November 2015

Spring Tulle and Anticipation

Welcome Readers,
I have realised that today marks exactly one month before I embark on my very own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey. Except that it’s not for months (more like two weeks), and I’m not on my own (travelling with my sister) and I’m not really looking to find myself. Ok, so it may not be quite like “Eat, Pray, Love” but we’ll be two gals travelling to beautiful Malaysia and Bali for a much needed R&R. I find that the anticipation of a holiday is one of the better parts of the actual break, but obviously the experience itself is ultimate!
With my kids so busy and we find ourselves at the mercy of their insane schedules all year, the only time I can even consider a trip is December and as much as I crave Europe and London, I just don’t want to do those Winters in a hurry. This year marks our 20th Wedding anniversary, and my darling hubby and best friend, has graciously agreed to me taking a well deserved break where I have to take care of nobody else but myself. Any mum knows that holidays (abroad or locally) still involves work,  in fact, it means one is even more occupied. The need to take care of everyone’s passports and travelling papers, the drama of packing suitcases, ensuring kids have taken vitamins and where neccesary, prescription meds taken along (last trip my second born landed in the hopsital for asthma due to the climate change). When travelling for our annual New Year Break, I need to ensure the food is sorted, motion sickness tablets taken, each kid has packed their own pillow (very important!) - the list is endless.
And this brings me back to the joy of looking forward to a leave from mommy life, and whilst I am dreading it at the same time - I am sure that when I am on that plane, my mind will be on a tropical beach. It’s been 6 years since I last left my entire family behind, and this time around they are older and have social lives of their own, so missing Mom may only be for laundry, meals and chauffeur duties!
Today’s look was worn for a chilled morning brunch, and I’ve had this tulle skirt in my wardrobe for more than two years now. I paired it with sandals from last year, and new t-shirt and handbag from H & M.
The tulle skirt has been a huge trend this season, and it seems likely to be around for a while, this particular one though has pleats in the tulle which gives it a unique finish.

H & M South Africa sequin t-shirt and fringe bag
Tulle skirt (old) from PerryBook Store
Zando Heels
Witchery linen scarf and cuff

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