Friday 27 November 2015

Empowering Women & an OOTD

Welcome readers,

Three weeks and counting! I’m really excited for my trip now, as documents are being finalised and I feel as if I’m squeezing the last ounces of productivity out of my brain. I think that’s normal, kind of a way of my brain getting ready to go into relax mode (which it hasn’t for a whole year..)

I’ve had another good productive week, seeing clients, running the home, taxi to kids and I even had the chance to connect with some amazing friends at yesterdays Pomegranate Lifestyle breakfast. What I find the most enjoyable and worthwhile about these events is the opportunity to network and catch up with friends at the same time. The guests are always inspirational and when I left I really felt  uplifted, I felt as if I had renewed motivation for all my plans ahead. As a woman, entrepeneur, mom and friend it gets crazy to find the time to connect all these roles which is something these mornings do for me.
The message is always to empower women, to provide opportunities for business and at the same time have a little bit of down time. I have personally felt the amazing connections made at these breakfasts and now call some of these beautiful souls friends. They inspire positive intellectual dialogue whilst offering their wealth of knowledge and experience to those who need it. I truly believe that when one is open, when you are authentic and just happy in your own skin - your interactions with everyone else is so much more meaningful. 
Just concentrate on you, being you without judging others for doing the same. Everyone is unique, and has the right to be uniquely them in a world where society wants everyone to fit into a mould. I was once again reminded of this at yesterdays breakfast, and it always rings true. There is no time for gossip, backbiting and envy in a space where everyone is confident being themselves, with no judgement on others for their choices and behaviours. 
Let’s rather spread love and acceptance, instead of hate and intolerance. 
The world is already too full of it.

And onto today’s outfit post: I have paired a light linen longer length tunic (from last year) polka dot slim jeans and one of my favourite Zara sandals. Aside from the neckpiece, this entire outfit is from last season and still releveant. I will once again recommend, buying good quality classic pieces will lead to a wardrobe where pieces rarely date. 
Happy smart, mindful shopping! 

PS: today is Black Friday - so if there are any pieces you have lying in a wishlist, check them out now to see if they’re on sale!

Jenja linen tunic from 
Stylemology jeans
Zara heels
Old Khaki scarf
Michael Kors handbag
Zibastyles neckpiece

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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