Friday 29 May 2015

Lessons with a sneaker OOTD

Hi readers, 
And so we have come to the end of another week, a whirlwind one in my world, as usual. The ever present responsibility of using everyday to teach your charges lessons, to take the time to engage with them as little people instead of just as children. I particularly enjoy talking to them about their opinions on things happening in the world, using the news as a conversation starter, and it's so refreshing to hear their black and white opinions. Things are either right or wrong, but where does all this innocence go? How does the definite line between right and wrong get blurred? We live in a society where values are constantly being denigrated and scoffed at and morals are being whittled away bit by bit, making it acceptable to succumb to corruption. We can only try to raise the next generation to be socially aware with the expectations to be responsible for ones actions, accepting of consequences.

One of the lessons one has to teach is how to budget, a very important rule in my home is that if you cannot afford to pay cash for something, wait until you can afford it and do without. Credit is not a necessity for little items, reserved for home loans and car purchases. It was very rewarding to see how my eldest managed to budget his hard earned spending money when abroad. He was told, prior to leaving, that he would not be able to work for the rest of the year due to a heavy course load and thus would not earn as much as he did last year. This resulted in him returning home with more than half his Euros, to be saved and spent responsibly for the rest of the year. Lesson well learnt, I think.
To celebrate his acceptance of the lesson, I have worn the t-shirt he graciously bought me whilst on tour in today's lookpost. (To be honest he didn't even buy gifts, with the exception of his dad and I- eish!)

This is a casual look, paired with the oh so comfy sweatpants - one of the best trends for busy moms - sneakers and a denim shirt to pull it all together. This Michael Kors bag has also very quickly become my wear with everything bag. It's very easy to end up with a sloppy look if you opt for these style sweatpants, so it is essential to put it together with more 'tailored' or structured tops for a 'pulled together" look. It's also no secret that I love sneakers, the current trend has brought sneakers into the spotlight to be worn with just about anything. Perfect!

My outfit:
Jay Jays zipped cuff Sweatpants
Denim shirt (old)
t-shirt from Amsterdam
Woolies beanie (shop similar here)
Michael Kors bag
Nike Sneakers

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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