Tuesday 12 May 2015

Biodermal Aesthetics Journey

Hi beauties, 

Over the past few months I have been introduced to Nadhiya Dawood and her Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic. Read more about my previous post on the clinic here. It has been a really enlightening and pampering journey, my skin says so too; it has been smoother, less problematic in terms of breakouts and just less unpredictable.

At the first visit one is encompassed in the serene environment, mirrored by Nadhiya's calm demeanour as she sits down for the consultation. This involves discussing health issues, medication, skin type and concerns- all in the interests of a tailor made effective treatment programme. I think outrchat extended to so many aspects and instead turned out to be a great getting to know you experience! The consultation includes an exploratory consultative facial, during which your skin moisture levels are checked using bt-analyze, a handheld device which detetcs the moisture levels on different parts of the face. This gives Nadhiya an idea of which areas to target and what treatments would be required for the best results. My immediate concerns were the pesky freckles which seem to get darker and more pronounced in Summer despite suncreen, and the occasional hormonal breakout.

My initial treatment included the consultation and the bt Micro, which consists of the ultrasonic exfoliation and product application. 
The face is cleaned and stripped of all products using the bt  Foaming cleanser, and exfoliated using bt gentle exfoliator andthe bt Micro device (a handheld device which emits ultrasonic vibrations) Thereafter the application of the bt Cocktail range of products follows which refer to a 3 step programme, aimed at reducing fine lines, pigmentation, and generally improving the skins condition over time.

She uses a new approach to applying products, by using the ultrasonic device to gently infuse the product into the skin, ensuring that it does not sit on the surface. Once the cocktail has been applied, she applies (infuses) moisturiser and eye cream. I really enjoy the feel of the ultrasonic vibrations on my skin, it feels like a massage at the same time it infuses the product.

Immediately the skin feels and looks plumper, smoother and healthier- just after a simple facial. I have had subsequent treatments for different concerns, and these will be addressed in a later post.

If you're looking for a non invasive gentle path to good glowing skin, book an appointment and experience the amazing results firsthand.

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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