Friday 5 June 2015

Winter Flannel

Hi readers, 

I hope everyone has been keeping warm as Cape Town is now officially in the grip of an icy Winter. This past week has been super cold, the kids have commenced exams, a family funeral followed later in the week by a pamper day, has made it an emotional but full week. The plummeting temperatures have brought the coats out of hiding; longer length boots, flannels, faux furs and leather have all made their appearance this week. I love textures and Winter is the perfect example to wear a mix of textures, fabrics and layer them in attempt to keep warm, looking stylish at the same time.

You would have noticed that my last couple of posts have focused on looking stylish without having to shop all the time, which means buying smartly and wearing classic pieces which won't date easily.
I have two teenage sons who are growing at an alarming rate and I find myself constantly updating their wardrobe as they outgrow things in the blink of eye. This has inevitably led to less shopping for me, as used to be the case when they were little babies where money was spent on nappies, wardrobes several times a season and other baby essentials. As they grow into teenagers it's like the cycle has started again, they now consume a LOT more food, grow like weeds and have expensive essential needs (like school and music equipment as well as sports togs and equipment every season!).
Today's look features a fleece lined leather pants and suede studded booties I bought two Winters ago.  I would have stressed the importance of good leather boots in a previous posts, and these babies show how good a quality pair of boots can last a few seasons (even if it is suede!) In this outfit, the only recent purchase is this oversized flannel shirt which I picked up in the men's section (for that oversized look) on a sale table at Mr Price. It's a typical trendy piece, which may or may not see next Winter, but because I picked it up a steal it really isn't a big deal. Even my silver necklace, pearls and earrings are good quality and have been in my jewellery collection for years, the statement ring though has been bought in the last year.

So get into action and start sorting those wardrobes, or building them with good classics, especially for those times when its difficult to shop for entire new wardrobes every season ;-D 

My outfit:

Flannel Shirt  Mr Price (shop here for similar)
Woolworths leather pants (shop here for similar)
Suede boots bought at an online store no longer in existence (non leather similar pair here)
Paul's Boutique Bag from Asos- 5 years old (now available on Takealot)
Old Khaki scarf (shop Old Khaki scarves here)
Giorgio Armani sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Statement ring from Rebel Funk
Old Pearls and Silver necklace 

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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