Friday 8 May 2015

Being Mum OOTD

Hi again lovelies,

Sunday is Mother's Day and although I am not too phased about the actual day, it's a time when one reflects on being a Mum and the business of mothering.  My OOTD is a typical everyday Mum look, but I would also like to take some time out to the celebrate mothers and their contribution to society.
My own journey as a mum started out when I was really young, it was planned that way and I don't regret it for an instant. There were some tough times, being mom to young babies while at the same time studying and writing exams is exhausting! And add to that career woman, wife and home maker... That was certainly a whirlwind phase in our married life. It hasn't gotten less crazy, just different, as mothering (parenting) has moved from constant teaching to a mentoring role.
I use this specific word because as they grow into teenagers they have their own ideas, they have paths and destinies to follow. The parenting role has evolved from teacher to advisor. They are ready to make their mark on the world, forging ahead on the road they're meant to follow, those lessons tucked securely away in that backpack of consciousness. As a parent you are needed for the guidance and stability, and the safety of being accepted for they are. It's hard to acknowledge that the same squirming baby, a mere second old, is now a young gentleman on the brink of building his future.

And the reflection brings one full circle, to your own mom. Who bore you, fed you, soothed you, taught you and cleaned you, without you being aware of these selfless tasks. You realise that she experienced the same tribulations and sending you out into world, to follow your plan for life. At times rebelling against what they wanted for you or where they want to lead you, blinded to their loving intentions. 

Moms around the world are special beings, rearing future leaders, teachers, scientists and of course future mothers. 
And on that note, my Mom OOTD features last seasons mohair cardi, skinny jeans, and two items I really chose to spoil myself with this season, Mimco boots and Michael Kors tote. Afterall, I have been a mum for17 years and I deserve it! 

Outfit details:
Woolworths Chunky knit & assymetrical t-shirt
Guess Jeans
Mimco ankle boots
Michael Kors handbag
Scarfdtop scarf
Forever new chunky necklace
Tanzanite earrings gifted

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. Well written! While raising 3 boys you also had to raise a husband 😂