Tuesday 14 October 2014

Getting to know me with the Liebster tag

Hi everyone, 

It’s taken me a while to answer all of Amina’s ( The All Seeing Lens) Liebster award questions, but life has been hectic and filled with unexpected happenings. 
Thank you Amina for the nomination and because I have done this several times, I will duck out of nominating other bloggers and will just proceed to answer her questions.

1. What was the best memory you have from your childhood?
The best memory I have is of my grandfather taking me along in the wee hours of the   morning to the Fruit and Veg market in Epping. Spending time with him at his workplace was always so interesting.

2. What time in history do you wish to go back to?
I would like to go back to a time in history where the Moores (Aka those of muslim faith living on the continent ) were revered doctors, scientists, architects and philosophers. The things we could learn from them!
Cordova, captial of Moorish Spain and the cultural and intellectual heart of Europe from 8th to 13th centuries

Alhambra, Spain - A UNESCO world heritage site and the pride of ancient Moorish architecture in Spain

3. What was the best birthday gift you have ever received? 
        Well, since my birthday is still so fresh in my mind- my most recent gift from husby is the best. Diamond and Tanzanite earrings… *sigh*

4. What was your greatest achievement in life?
My greatest achievement has definitely been the ability to balance a demanding career and at the same time be a hands-on Mum.
5. What has made you smile recently?
Shopping with my sister and my little nephew, who claims my lap as his spot!

6. Are you allergic to anything?
Certain types of fish
7. Do you have any fears? (give one)
That I would not always be able to protect my kids from hurt. As they get older, they have to learn to deal with all emotions, including hurt. 
8. What do you consider is the best thing about having a blog?
My blog is my own space, in which I express myself in anyway I choose. There are no restrictions and if people read and enjoy it- that’s a bonus!

9. Which restaurant do you find yourself always going to?
Willoughby’s for their sushi or Baia for a special meal
10. Who do you admire the most in the bloggersphere?
I admire those bloggers who do really well in their respective fields, and have the commitment to be themselves regardless of media pressure.
11. Where in the world would you love to explore?
There are so many places on my bucket list and I have been to a few, but right now India and Ireland are moving to the top of the list.

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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