Thursday 2 October 2014

Reflections on loss

Hi beautiful readers,

These past two weeks have been a real emotional roller coaster, so much that I have often been in a really sombre mood. Dealing with illness of a parent, mortality and the death of a relative puts everyday things in perspective. I have not been in the frame of mind for fashion blogging or anything of the sort, I felt the need to purge these sober thoughts by penning them, so to speak.

Illness of a parent brings scary visions to mind, you see them as mortals and prone to the effects of the passing of time. The reality is that illness can strike at anytime and we are all vulnerable.
This is the time one reflects on things, life goes by so fast and is filled with so many ‘obligations’ that it is important to remember to be present. 
Life is transient, savour it.

After a week of tumultous hospital visits, Dad came home to recuperate, and even though we were relieved, the fear does not fade entirely. Its like the picture you had of your parent has been permanently altered and your world along with it.

Death of a relative, whom you have spent a fair amount of time with is hard, your grief is  unacknowledged as you are not the child, sibling or parent. Your sense of loss is different, it’s an internal sadness for the family, it’s a solemn reminder that we should do all we can for the ill and elderly. At times I think of her and smile at the memories, grateful that I could say a prayer at her bedside hours before she passed.

My belief is that one should enjoy every moment, every experience, every day - I try to live this way. And I have found that when I tend to stray from this code, there’s always a reminder to bring me back onto this path.

My message today:

LIVE every moment
LAUGH every day
LOVE beyond words

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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