Tuesday 21 October 2014

A Lipidol Brand Wash

Hi readers, 

A couple of weeks ago I attended the launch of the Lipidol range of body products. We had been sent the Aftershower Oil and, since I had recently started using BioOil and will swear by it, I decided to give it a try.

Before I continue to rave about this awesome product, let me tell you a bit about the range. Brought to us by Evolabs, their aim was to introduce body products with a purist approach. All prodcuts are fragranced by essential oils and thus all natural. The aesthetic appeal of each bottle is very simple, in an attempt to keep the range affordable, ( R79,95 at Clicks Stores for all products) and to highlight the functional nature of the products. The entire range contain active ingredients to promote rejuvenation as well as moisture retention. 

As a gift, we given the Cleansing Body Oil to try out. I am such a fan of citrusy scents and this product has a subtle lime fragrance. I have personally never thought of using oils instead of shower gel or body wash. But, once you try it, you may just be hooked! The ultimate proof of its effectiveness to soften and moisten the skin was when my husband asked me what I was using on my skin. He pointed out that my skin felt so soft and smooth - well I don’t need any other justification to run out and buy the entire range!! He’s even started using the Cleansing Body Oil in the shower as well (it doesn’t smell or look girly, so it’s ok). The oils doesnt really foam, it emulsifies and you can feel the difference to traditional body washes and soap. It’s so gentle on the skin, and very importantly doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils.

The Aftershower Oil is then applied once you’ve dried off and mimics the skins lipid bilayer. It absorbs easily, is non-greasy and doesn’t really have much of a fragrance (chamomile). Once you’ve applied this oil, your skin really feels soft and moisturised, and the oil doesn’t “sit” on top of the skin either.

Other products in the range include:

Aftershave Oil
This product is perfect for my teenage son to use since his skin is still so baby soft and smooth. 

Cleansing Face Oil
Another exciting product I still have to try, but the logic of using oil to remove oil based make up makes sense to me.

Overnight Face Oil
This is a must have for me, and the black pepper and ylang ylang (one of my favourite essential oils, BTW) fragrance is really soothing. 

Suntan Oil SPF20
The Suntan Oil will still find its way into my bathroom cabinet, and at a price of R79,95 its really well priced.

This range is another groundbreaking advancement into body products by Evolabs, one I’ll most certainly be following religiously. To recap the most important features in my humble opinion-
1. All natural
2. Well priced
3. Rejuvenation and retention
4. The range moves towards preventative skincare 

So head on over to Clicks, who will stock it exclusively for a year, and grab some of these amazing products. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ciao for now, 

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