Sunday 18 November 2012

The Last Match with Neon sweats

It is with such a sense of relief that we attended my son's last soccer match for the season. It has been a really long season stretching from February this year to the end of November. Seeing the development in these young boys over the past couple of months has been amazing. From innocent, playful youngsters, they have become disciplined, considerate little people. It's really inspiring and I'm grateful to the people who took time out of their days to spend with our sons.

Ghaalid chilling before the match

Ihsaan after the match, trying to hide the doughnut!
Lets take some doughnuts home for my brothers too!

It was also the first time our summer sportswear saw the light on the soccer field. Soccer being a winter sport, usually means you bundle up in UGGS or wellies with as many layers as possible to guard against the Cape Town winter.

Yesterday I was so happy to don my summer sports wear as seen below:



Wearing Nike sportswear as well as my favorite neon sneakers! I must admit I have received a few raised eyebrows from my family members regarding these bright pieces!

Then off to a fashion show, the launch of the second range for She-zone, a line of modest yet fashionable pieces. More on this show in a separate post.

Here's a few snaps of my outfit:
Pandora silver bracelet| Swarovski necklace

Woolworths t-shirt| Makro maxi skirt| Country Road docksiders| Blackcherry slingbag

That's it for now...

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