Wednesday 21 November 2012

She Zone Fashion Show

I recently attended a fashion show which displayed pieces desgined and manufactured by Shahida Holmes Khan.  Shahida was employed in the retail industry, managing exclusive brands before embarking on her own line, equipping her with the relevant skills.

The final lot of outfits
She Zone was started by Shahida Holmes Khan in July 2012 and is targeted at the Modern Muslim Woman. She has conducted research studying womens body shape, the changes that our bodies goes through and how it makes us feel. And more importantly how it ties in with being a Muslim woman. In response to her client’s demands she started creating modest designs which includes workable basics.
The pieces exude a relaxed, stylish feel for the free spirited woman with inspiration drawn from the latest international catwalk trends. The aim is to make items affordable.
Shahida promotes a classical style of dressing, whilst keeping it modest.
She Zone has two ranges namely: pieces with a "fresh and funky" appeal and pieces with a "pure and classic" appeal.  The items are designed in such a way  that they can be paired in different ways.

Here's some of her beautiful creations:

Shahida says:  “Personally, I feel clothing is an art - you follow the basic rules, and the rest is....all play!!”

She Zone also offers styling, wardrobe consultations and personal shopping.

For consultations and orders (which can be altered to your desired size), please contact: 
Shahida Holmes Khan
Tel: 076 173 4414

Pieces can also be viewed at 32 Main Ave, Gleemor, Athlone

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