Friday 9 November 2012

Linkin Park Baby!

This week has really been all about the build up to the Linkin Park concert. Yeah, I did some work and had some meetings, and everywhere I went I played their music. The old CD’s dating back to 2000 all the way through to current music.

Lookpost of my Monday outift - a pop of neon:

Country Road pencil skirt| Country Road cardigan and embellished t-shirt


My Tiffany bangle, an anniversary gift bought in London *special item*

Swarovski crystal chain bought in Venice

Witchery snakeskin pumps

Cameo earrings from Lovisa

And this pump arrived this week - more neon accents! 

A little something I bought at Zando this week

So it is apparent that I am a BIG fan, unfortunately I could not find the time to get a t-shirt, but definitely queued for one at the concert.

Ayesha, Aneesa (my two sisters-in law) and I


Wednesday turned out to be an extremely windy day (typical Cape Town). It was really unfortunate that it wind caused such a disastrous accident. Whilst standing in the howling wind, we heard a loud crash and saw people running towards the sound. It was awful, people around those who were stuck under the scaffolding structure were trying to lift and help the injured.
Just after the scaffolding was blown over onto some fans
Ayesha on her way to check out what was happening, before paramedics arrived
All the while someone was calling on a loudspeaker for any medics in the crowd or anyone familiar with CPR. A few seconds later, disaster vans and paramedics arrived. We were then ushered away from the scene and asked to proceed towards the stadium. It was such an unreal scene, like something from a movie!
My sincere condolences goes out  to the families.
What a start to a highly anticipated concert!
Once inside the stadium, one could feel the excitement building, or it could just have been mine? Either way, I was on a high, dampened slightly by the tragic accident. It was an eternal wait, probably around an hour before Linkin Park arrived on stage, after the opening act. By then, the crowd was chanting and screaming - a real ROCK concert had begun.

Ghaalid & I awaiting the opening act

They certainly didn’t disappoint, my favourite band member, Mike Shinoda, was in top form; closely matched in talent by Chester Bennington. And of course the rest of the band deserve a mention for their amazing performance, namely, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Dave Farrell, Kyle Christener, Scott Koziol and Mark Wakefield

Aneesa rocking herr Ed Hardy T-shirt

Looking very windblown inside the stadiun, with my t-shirt!

Concert outfit:
Denim Shirt- Legend
Country Road t-shirt, jeans & canvas sneakers
Scarf by Sass
Gifted bag
Ray-Ban sunglasses

Despite the wind and the accident, it was one of THE best concerts ever!

RuBe xoxo

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