Tuesday 6 November 2012

Family weekend :)

Arriving at a very windy park
Wearing: Woolworths skinny jeans| PnP assymmetrical t-shirt| Country Road neon pumps| Nine West bag  

What a divine weekend, after another crazy work week- we got to spend some special time with family.  The weekend started with a relaxing Friday evening….

 View of the Sunset from my bedroom balcony on Friday evening

Saturday was my niece, Imrah’s, first nursery school concert. She’s the most adorable little two-year old and has everyone wrapped around her little finger.  My 3 boys (and her only cousins on our side of the family) dote on her, so naturally we would attend a toddler's concert to witness her 2 or 3 minutes of fame!
Dancing to New York New York

The theme was the Academy awards and they did little skits from the animated movies. The little ballerinas were super cute! The chipmunks were very energetic jumping around the stage to the hip hop music followed by equally energetic girls dancing to “All the Single Ladies’!
 It was absolutely hilarious and so heartwarming. Imrah was a little Minnie-Mouse, with the polka-dot skirt and mouse ears. At first, she was overwhelmed by the audience, but on the second attempt was dancing her little jig to the Mickey-Mouse Club song.

Looking so cute! 2 year old Mickey and Minnies
 Another stunner of a day for Sunday (summer is definitely on its way) and we had plans to visit the Green Point Urban park. My other nephews and niece joined us for some outdoor fun. There’s something really soothing about the outdoors and watching the little kids playing their little hearts out.
Accessories: Dolce & Gabanna Sunnies| Bead necklaces from The Space| Gifted Silver chain |Honey Resin Bracelet

Thereafter,blown to the Waterfront to take my other niece shoe shopping. It was her birthday and all she wanted was a new outfit! Since I love ZARA kids, that’s where  we went and she chose the sweetest snakeskin sandal. Little Girls!
Odering Milkshakes for little miss in the background

This was a difficult pic to take, she was so scared I was going to take it off!
I’m so excited to go to Linkin Park on Wednesday! More .!this concert later this week!
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Ciao for now,

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