Friday 3 November 2017

Life goes on #PostHajj

Weclome dear readers!

Occasionally I find my mind drifting to Saudi shores, and very quickly I'm abruptly brought down to earth by some or other task needing my immediate attention. I suppose the reason Hujjaj's thoughts keep wandering back to Saudi is to relive that intense spiritual connection, where nothing but prayer mattered. Where one felt as if you had a direct line of communication to the Divine, where miracles happened all around you.
 Someone once told me that they felt depressed upon returning from Hajj, sad and despondent with the constant yearning to return. I certainly yearn to return, but I have to consciously remind myself that my Hajj continues here and now.

My life back home is actually the continuation of the journey I undertook, the pilgrimage merely being more of an initiation into a certain way of life, and of a new perspective on life and one's purpose. I have started doing a #HajjSeries on the blog and these posts will be shared as I am able to articulate the aspects I'd like to share. As I process these, life as I now know it evolves every day. I still have long conversations about the journey, with people, with my hubby... And every time another penny drops, and another message reveals itself. I can see why people who have journeyed for Hajj more than 30 years ago, can still relate as if it was yesterday. The experience will forever remain in the consciousness, alive with endless new perspectives.

I have returned with so much to share with my kids, and in turn they have so much to share with me (lessons learnt during my absence). I chat to them about how I had to master acceptance, of trials and difficulties, and having to embrace the fact that we would never be burdened with situations which we would not be able to deal with. We talk about how deeply this journey has altered me, and how I intend to live with the newfound realisations. It is important, and difficult, but my intention is to live in a way that honours my pilgrimage. I aim to honour it by being mindful of the potent energy of spirituality which always surrounded me in Saudi, so potent that one is immediately caught up in it. 

Living in remembrance of my Hajj is a daily struggle... learned behaviours creep in very quickly and once one is back in the familiar environment, old habits can easily return. Patience (Sabr) is something I had to learn and practice on this journey, and I am consciously trying to incorporate it into everything I do. This includes how I deal with plans going awry, teenage issues and managing the expectations and judgement of others. When one returns from pilgrimage, the expectations and judgement becomes a tangible thing, and I have to remind myself that I have changed fundamentally, and I therefore need to approach these matters with an revised mindset... i.e.
To be the best I am able to be, for my CREATOR & MYSELF.

Today's lookpost was taken some time ago, when I had a burning need to be at the beach (my ultimate happy place), to smell the sea air and absorb the beautiful energy of the coast. Even though the sun was out, the air was cool, hence the need for a light silk bomber.


Outfit details:

Asos Maxi dress (old)
Human Image silk bomber
Lacoste Rose Gold sneakers (purchased on Asos)
LV Bag (LV Paris)
Jo Borkett Scarf
Ralph Lauren sunglasses (Sunglass Hut Bali)
Necklace gifted
Swarovski bracelet
Various gold arm jewellery

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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