Friday 24 November 2017

Catching up with life

Hello beautiful readers!

This week I realised that I am operating 7 weeks behind everyone else... As I was chatting to a colleague about business plans for the rest of the year it dawned upon me that it was already November!! And that meant that the end of the year is actually upon us 😮
I had a little bit of a panic, as thoughts swirled around my head of all the things I still had to do before the holidays...

These past few weeks of exams have literally passed by in a haze of work (for me) and extreme stillness in my home. My two eldest sons decided to take turns studying from the home office *which is in a really quiet part of the house* - so they basically shut themselves away and only emerged at mealtimes and snack time. My youngest son needed a bit more directed structure from me, ie reminders that no electronics are allowed, nor TV and for him to stick to his study time table. 
As I look at these young men, I feel a sense of peace that all those years of 'nagging' for them to plan their study timetable, get regular breaks and fit in some physical activity in between, has indeed paid off. Thankfully they are at the point where they understand the importance of planning their time effectively during exams and they even attempt to practice self discipline without the consistent mommy reminders!
Of course, when some or other soccer match is on TV, they get all distracted; but I do feel that some balance is required and I often leave them to it. With the kids following their own time tables, and taking responsibility for it themselves, it freed up my time considerably. It was such a welcome respite from stressing about exams previous years, and I fell into a complete work haze. So much so, that I didn't even realise that the year had passed at such an alarming rate! This time of year is always insane and it's not unusual for me to work 7 days a week 😲 A reality of a work from home mom, who has to cook in between meetings and emails, ensure availability of healthy snacks and the ever present need to fetch or carry from activity.

It's therefore no coincidence that I am still operating behind everyone else, I was away for the entire second term of school and my head hasn't quite absorbed that we're in the final stretch. And when the reality hit me this week, I went into mommy overdrive - finishing up 2018 stationery orders, arranging high school entrance exam appointments, buying uniforms and attending awards ceremonies. I had to catch up with life instantly and now I feel as if I've also caught up with the widely spread year end fatigue! Funny thing, even though I had the most amazing 7 week journey a few months ago, I am so ready for a holiday! 
I guess I have caught up with life, and operating on the same plane as everyone else. It does however mean that my usual crazy schedule has materialised along with the reality that mommy-duties have resumed full time! 
Some wise words, which got me through the crazy this past few weeks:

"Focus on what you can control.
Forgive yourself for what you can't."

This colourful outfit represents the longing for Summer holidays, the floral kimono an ode to outdoor picnics and sticky sandy days at the beach with the little ones...

Outfit details:
Shop.Style.Snap Floral Kimono 
Gap Jeans
Lace trim scarf by Rae's Scarves
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses
Desigual backpack 
Ralph Lauren, Polo shoes

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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