Friday 2 June 2017

Ramadaan with teens

Welcome readers, 

It's Friday already (gasp!) and I honestly cannot fathom that the week has flown by so fast. I certainly don't feel the usual worn out exhaustion after a hectic week, and yet, it's been a wonderfully productive work week whilst fasting and observing all my supplications. I really do feel the tranquility of this month has once again enveloped my home, and all of the occupants.

The reality remains that with a houseful of growing teenage boys, they get hangry as the day and the month progresses. But even with this, the calm has resulted in them being less argumentative, less annoyed with each other, even with the exam stress hanging in the air. I try to ensure that their suhoor (breakfast) is nutritious and filled with brain food and enough protein to keep them going. It's a task which is hard to accomplish when these young sportsmen still take the time to train at home, or just kicking a ball around when they're bored, burning through their energy reserves. One of the things they've had to forego is their sports schedule, partly because logistically it's difficult to co-ordinate and partly because I want them to focus on study and increased recitation. We have over the years created our own unique traditions, favourite fasting meals and family time, and I find it such a special time to bond during this month. 

The first week has whizzed by, but not without serious self evaluation and introspection. I've sat and pondered on how I engage, how I serve and how I set an example to lead by. My legacy is the only thing which is worth being conscious of, and here I'm not referring to a legacy of wealth. The legacy I refer to is the example I set as a parent, to the values I embody, live by and instill in my offspring. My kids are the next generation who will need to do the same, they too will need to be self aware and understand that there will always be work towards being the best version of yourself. I would love to ensure that they know that their amazing individual talents have been gifted to them, for them, and to serve. I would love to ensure that they know that living authentically is so much more rewarding that chasing the almighty buck.

Raising teenagers, in today's materially centered society, will always be a challenge. It will always be a challenge to remind them that pursuing wealth is not the end goal; but I live with the hope that through example and actions they will intrinsically just get it. I live with the hope that by example I have shown what really matters; and whilst it is great to have the material things, it is not the end goal, it is not the focus of life. 

Today's look is a relaxed one, with a loose fitting pants, swing frill top and gold platform sneakers. Perfectly modest and comfortable for running those endless errands.

Outfit details:
Something Pretty embellished top
Trenery cotton pants (old)
Gifted scarf
Superga flatform sneakers
Louis Vuitton bag

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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