Friday 16 June 2017

A birthday wish for my life champion...

Hello again lovelies!

Today's post is a special one, dedicated to the rock in my life, my constant, my best friend and partner - the hubby. The one who treks to all locations to take my photos, who never complains when I have to work late, and will offer his assistance at a the drop of a hat.

Most of my posts centre around my role as a homemaker and wife, the trials we face as mothers and nurturers and the tribulations we face whilst trying to be the best role models we can be. Today my other half celebrates his born day, a day to be celebrated, a day for me to give thanks that he has been placed here for me. I feel as if we have a bond that transcends the years we have been together, a bond that was formed long before I even knew him. A bond that was destined to be fulfilled on my path in life, to help the other fly. We have been through many ups, a couple of lows, some trying times and we have been able to forge a new path forward each time. Strengthening ourselves and our family along the way.

I firmly believe that everything has been ordained for us, so everything we experience, the good and the bad, has been gifted to us for a greater purpose. I trust in that, and will weather what I need to and will endure my trials with grace. And at every corner my partner has been there to cheer me on, to remind me that this too shall pass or to just hold me while the tears flowed. Every minute of our lives together has been an adventure, we cherish experiences and memories and have banked so many,  I am eternally grateful for every single moment. I am thankful that you walk this earth by my side. Algamdulilah 🙏

My dear husband, 
Time passes by so swiftly that I want to freeze frame some moments, 
The moments where we're laughing until our sides hurt, 
The moments when our hearts fill with love at a little token from the boys.
I am forever grateful for what we have, 
I am forever grateful for our blessings, 
As I am for our trials. 
Life with you is a gift to my healing heart, 
It is a panacea for my traumas, 
And has helped me become whole.
Your unending well of love
has touched all of us, 
Your kind heart,
is an example to model.
May your born day be special, may you feel the everlasting love surround you.
May the day bring you joy, a lightness and the knowledge that you are special.
And may we spend many more together, in search of new adventures,
forging new paths, with exuberance and purpose. 
All my love, 
ME 💖 

This lookpost is more about the beautiful  morning we spent at Rhodes Memorial, while the sun was not yet high in the sky, the fog a heavy blanket over the city. These moments are priceless, and I cherish them deeply.
The outfit features all my old favourites from past seasons put together for a comfortable look. Representative of life with my hubby, all the bits and memories in the tapestry of life have come together to form a beautiful life.

Outfit details:

Hse of Bespoke suede fringe dress/top 
A Sense of Style sequin long cardi
Guess jeans
Adidas sneakers
YSL bag (purchased abroad)
Feather earrings old
Scarf old
Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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