Friday 14 October 2016

Life is filled with magical moments

 TGIF darlings!

Today marks the end of another emotional week, it seems that it's been the case for a while now. I suppose it is largely due to the fact that my first born is in his 18th year, a year I have dubbed as his "Year of Firsts". And along with those 'first' experiences, I have a little bit of a wobble and a sniff for days gone by. 
Yesterday was his Valedictory, a bittersweet day for all parents, and I was especially struck by the speech the head boy delivered. It is astounding to hear these young adults deliver such profound words, filled with a wisdom that is not always evident. His message: (very loosely quoted as I was too emotional myself to get the words just right, but these are such appropriate words )

"I would not want my high school years to be the best years of my life, 
I would want every year to be the best year of my life, and so it should continue into the future." 

These words are so impactful and I can only hope that his message will resonate with his classmates for years to come. For high school may seem like the best years of your life, work at making every single year a phenomenal one. And phenomenal can mean so any different things to different people - it's all about priorities and what brings you joy. 
As I sat through the ceremony yesterday, I reflected on my own high school years, which were  relatively OK. But it was also pretty dreadful and filled with trauma, and my coping mechanisms allowed me to find joy at school while it was constantly being drained at home. So while I can say I enjoyed high school, it was not necessarily the best years of my life. However, I have learnt and grown from the distress - so I wouldn't change a minute of my teen years, for it has shaped who I am today. And like the young man delivering his speech, I made a conscious decision to savour each day for the moments it presented. In this way I was able to live the best years of my life each day, and even with the turmoils of general life, find a way to savour and be grateful,despite occasional heartache. It is a difficult thing to master, and yet for me it has been a coping mechanism to get me through some of my life's more anguishing times. The daily grind gets to everyone, and we wish so hard for the week to go by and for Friday to come or for our kids to be older, that we often miss the magic in each moment. And because I know sadness and have felt desolation, it has become an intrinsic part of my being to look for the magic in the moments. These joyful, magical moments have spurred me on when nothing else could.  

And so my motto in life is to cherish each day for the joy it brings. 
There will be moments of frustration, anxiety, anger and fear, but if we look for it we can find the magic underneath it all. 
So go and find your magic ❤️

With Spring upon us, and being blessed with such a beautiful day, my OOTD features another Human Image design. A light maxidress, with striking blue print and customised for me with gold hand painted detail. This dress makes me feel ethereal, happy and filled with magic. Aysha is indeed an artist, and each garment she has made reflects a bit of me. I paired this maxi dress with a vintage bag, and blue suede shoes.

For more exclusive, consciously sourced and manufactured pieces contact Aysha Allie, the designer behind the Human Image label:
Studio: 65 4th Avenue, Rondebosch East
Call Aysha to arrange viewing or shopping times at the studio: 0723711695. 

Outfit details:

Human Image maxi dress
Ted Baker heels from Stuttafords
Vintage LV handbag
Trenery Scarf
Lovisa neckpiece

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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