Tuesday 25 October 2016

Household cleaning at your fingertips!

Hi Readers, 

For those who have read my posts a few weeks ago (actually just before Eid), you would know that my housekeeper has been booked off - for at least 4 months! So I have been going insane slowly, trying to keep up with all the household duties, kids and work and it has not been going well. At all!
Trying to find a reliable person, who is able to only work certain days has proven near impossible with my crazy schedule. 
Until I was recently introduced to an amazing online company, Sweepsouth, who provide cleaning services, in a manner very similar to Uber. For me that was a no-brainer, an online service that would sort out the immediate crisis of a missing housekeeper? I was sold!

These were a few of the questions to which I needed some answers, these were:
  1. The cleaners are thoroughly vetted.
  2. The company provides insurance in the event of breakages etc.
  3. The cost is R38 per hour and you are able to request the exact number of hours you would require services.
  4. The service is available 7 days a week, and provide services from 7am to 6pm.
  5. Once off bookings or recurring bookings can be done.
  6. If you are really satisfied with a particular cleaning lady (known as a Sweepstar), you'd be able to request her for future bookings.
  7. If for any reason you are unhappy, Sweepsouth will offer a free reclean of the premises.
  8. They have introduced an app to make the booking process even easier.
  9. It is possible to do a booking even a day before the time which is handy if you're as crazy busy as I am.
  10. Arrangements can be made for a Sweepstar to be granted access to the premises required cleaning, in fact this is a common arrangement and is completely safe.
  11. Once you have confirmed the booking, start times, number of hours, and the size of your home and if any additional services would be required (ironing, window cleaning etc), you receive a confirmation of the booking. You are then able to log into your account, and you will be able to check who the Sweepstar will be, a photo and short bio will be available as well as the area she travels from and cellphone number.

I personally use Uber on a regular basis, when I am unable to manage to collect or drop my kids, so clearly I am very comfortable with this offering  (placing my little darlings in their capable hands). So with the introduction of Sweepsouth, I only needed to confirm the safety aspect for myself, and thereafter I was really keen to use the service.

I was really impressed with the efficient manner I could book, easy and fuss free. The following day I received a notification via the app when the Sweepstar left home, when she arrived at my place and when she was done cleaning. 
She was professional, friendly and thorough. When you book, you are able to see what the cleaning service entails, right down to wiping down kitchen cupboards! 

If you're still unsure, visit their website or just download the app and check it out.
Furthermore, they have a comprehensive FAQ section on the website, which covers most if not all concerns.

So if you're stuck without any household help and in need of a proper clean, or merely assistance with a spring clean, or the oven, fridge or windows cleaned only, this is the answer to your prayers. 
Visit Sweepsouth for more information.

For first time clients, use the code below to redeem R100 off the first booking.

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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