Friday 29 July 2016

A reminder to myself

Welcome back lovely readers,

Last week I took a bit of a reprieve from blogging as I had a really intensive work week. After a week of crazy busy, I arrived home and my body literally crashed. I was unable to get out of bed, read or watch TV,  never mind blog. I developed a bad chest infection, along with flu and fever. The body is amazing thing, and quickly lets you know when you've exerted yourself. 

This week I'm still struggling with the symptoms but I'm feeling ready to take on the world again. It seems like all sorts of bugs are making the rounds, a reminder to myself, to keep the immune system as strong as possible. With all my roles I fulfil, I tend to focus so much on others, that sometimes I neglect myself. While being stuck in bed (which I find extremely frustrating) I was taking stock and trying to remember when last I took time out for myself. That little bit of time to recharge in the middle of the week, which must have happened so long ago I can't remember it. 

Around the same time last year, I had become very good at it, and regularly scheduled some time in the calendar for myself. I have realised that time flies by so quickly and unless things have been planned, it will not happen. With the kids, each year seems to get busier and busier, and by the middle of the year I only realise that things have gotten out of control (again). And only when my body says enough(!) 

So this post is my reminder to myself first, as well as all the mothers out there, sitting in waiting vehicles after school and music lessons. To all the moms nursing sick kids, helping with homework, doing sports runs and buying endless food supplies, plan a few hours where you would need to focus only on yourself. Plan what the 'me-time' activity will be and stick to it religiously. In order to be effective mothers, nurturers, teachers and role models, we need to look after ourselves first. 

These are the ways which I plan to spend my me-time:
  1. Catch up on books I've meant to read.
  2. Meet up with a friend for coffe.
  3. Schedule a pamper treatment.
  4. I'm not much of a TV person, but I've decided to join the Game of Thrones craze (I'm a such a sucker for medieval and fantasy shows).
  5. Grab some nature time - I love the outdoors so working in the garden, or even just sitting in the garden will work.
  6. Above all, be gentle with myself (ie ditch the guilt- an unnecessary but ever present emotion when one is a mum!).

So in an effort to ensure that my immune system recovers I've been pumping up on herbal meds, drinks and supplements. The weather has been so unpredictable and icy cold too, adding to the woes of Winter. But once I am back on my feet, I'll be sure to check my list and plan some me-time. How do you manage to ensure that essential me-time? I'd love to hear some ideas and stories!

Today's post features an outfit worn on one of our warmer Winter days, and features a denim shirt thrown over a maxi dress, finished off with sneakers. A light casual ensemble for the mum on the run.

Outfit details:
Michelle Ludek dress from Spree (old)
ZARA denim shirt (old)
Woolworths hat (old)
Stan Smith sneakers
Mulberry clutch bag (purchased abroad)
Giorgio Armani Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Various bracelets
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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