Friday 15 April 2016

Reality check

Happy Friday everyone!

This week I was faced with the experience of matric ball planning. It’s generally less of a headache when you have a son in terms of the oufit and hair etc, but the reality of realising your baby has grown up hits home. We’ve been discussing studies and future plans, talking about important dates like a learners appointment and final exams, but it all seems really intangible until I saw him fit his suit. 
And shirt. 
And tie. 
That’s when it hit me, my firstborn will be going into the world to fulfil his destiny pretty soon. 
In retrospect, it hasn’t happened in a flash, but in little bits over the years…
 It starts when he doesn’t need you to :
… Read his bedtime story
… or tuck him in at night
… Choose his outfits
… or buy his clothes
… Accompany him to sports matches
…or watch his matches.

The list goes on and on, and in a blink of an eye he is on the brink of entering the adult world.
Being a mother is one of my most rewarding roles, I enjoy watching my kids grow from little people into individuals with their own ideas and opinions. It gets hard at times dealing with all these personalities, yet knowing that I am contributing to future leaders and generations makes the stress worthwhile.
At this point in his school career I reflect on his first day of primary school, his first day of high school and they are as clear as crystal in my memory. Being the firstborn, I navigated my way through milestones and the rocky road of parenthood with trepidation, unsure if my choice for him was the best one. Whether they were the right choices or not, they were the best I knew at the time, and even though mistakes were made, kids quickly let you know when things aren’t suitable for them. 
When I look at this young man, preparing to attend a celebration which marks the end of a primary and secondary school career - all my instincts kick in and I want to hold him near. I want to protect him from the world which I know will hurt him, challenge him and not love him like I do. I have to remind myself that it’s a path I cannot change; he will grow as a result of these hurts, challenges and live up to the amazing potential he has as an individual. 
This milestone fills me with pride, nostalgia and anxiety for what lies ahead. Letting go is the one aspect of parenthood that hinders the spirit and cuts like a knife. 
But I shall weather it with grace, not falling apart on the outside containing a turbulence of emotion on the inside.

Today’s OOTD is a typical outfit worn to run errands, playing taxi mum and catching a coffee with a buddy. These are all previous pieces, which can transcend trends and remain trendy for while to come. The boyfriend jeans is still a favourite since it offers comfort and modesty at the same time.


ZARA t-shirt 
Gap jeans
Converse sneakers (old)
Kimono (old)
Woolworths scarf
Country Road cuff
Accessorize bag

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo 

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