Friday 8 April 2016

A Winter stock take

Happy Friday readers! (And it’s a gorgeous one too)

We have had such a beautiful week weather wise that it’s hard to believe we had a brief encounter with Winter last week! It has prompted me to start to start the seasonal stock take of my wardrobe, as I find myself at a loss in terms of co-ordinating warmer outfits. It feels as if my brain did not grasp the sudden onset of Winter after being on vacation in tropical heat. 
In an attempt to make getting dressed easier, I usually do a seasonal stock take. This helps to pack away summer wear and evaluate what I’ve worn this past summer and what hasn’t been worn. I also know what is in my wardrobe for winter, and if required, what I need (would like) to purchase. 
So if you’re struggling to find outfits generally, a stock take is what you need. 

Since I do this each season, it’s easy for me to swap my seasonal pieces around. This ‘swap’ involves moving last season (Summer) clothes to the higher shelves and bringing the upcoming/ current seasons clothes to eye level. The idea is to be able to see whats in the closet. If you’re low on space, pack them into storage (usually transparent plastic storage boxes work in case you need anything).
Here’s my process:
  1. Unpack everything in the closet with the winter pieces top of mind.
  2. Evaluate your summer pieces, in terms of the following:
      • Have I worn it this season? 
      • Will it transcend into next summer? i.e. still be trendy / relevant
      • Is it a classic (valuable) piece?
      • Check that all items are clean and in wearable condition before storing.
  3. Evaluate the winter pieces in terms of the following:
      • Is it still relevant this winter?
      • Does it still fit?
      • Is it still in good condition?
      • Do I still love it?
  4. When I pack it back into the closet I usually separate my pieces into work wear and leisurewear, but since leaving the corporate world they are interchangeable now. 
  5. I hang all coats co-ordinated by colour and one per hanger.
  6. Knits are folded and packed onto shelves as hanging them may cause them to be come misshaped.
  7. Sandals are packed away (with dust overs if you have them) into boxes; and boots, sneakers and pumps are packed where they are visible. (This works with a walk in, but a shelved cupboard will work just as well).
  8. I tackle underwear, socks and PJ drawers in the same way, this helps to get rid of pieces which have reached the end of their lifespan and look tatty.
  9. Once all the pieces have been packed away and stored, my wardrobe is now done. I then take notes of what I need (want) for the upcoming season. 
  10. Now when I shop, I know what is in the wardrobe and what I need to co-ordinate outfits. This helps to avoid buying similar pieces which I may have forgotten about.
Good luck! 
And if you’ve tried my suggestions, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Today’s lookpost is one for cooler weather, with pieces from previous seasons. I have bought some pieces for Winter abroad, so I haven’t really been shopping for winter yet. This cotton knit from ZARA is lightweight for Autumn, and pairs well with the boyfriend jeans. The heels add a sophisticated finish to an oversize outfit to prevent it from looking sloppy. 

Outfit details:
ZARA knit
Woolworths boyfriend jeans
Scarf gifted
Snakeskin Witchery heels
Michael Kors bag
Ralph Lauren sunglasses
Pearl cuff bracelet (old)
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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