Friday 16 October 2015

New Year Maxi Dress

Hello dear readers, 

And Muharram Mubarak! (Wishes for the New Year, Blessed Muharram) to all my Muslim readers. 

As with all new beginnings, one tends to take stock of life, how far one has come and set goals for the future. I have made some really important realisations this past year, have learnt some big lessons and discovered my inner strength. This inner strength has been brought to light by trying to heal old wounds with the focus on working from within. 
Once I had worked at healing on the inside, concentrating on me and not external noise, I found that all those external stuff no longer affected me as much. All those external forces which try to derail you from progress, which deter you on your path to a better you, soon become unimportant and superfluous. 

I have found a better me, 
A stronger me, 
And realised that all the noise 
Which constantly encircled me, 
Faded into oblivion, 
Like storm clouds disappearing 
From my horizons forever. 
They will never hold power over me, 
They will never regain control of those reins. 
As I continue on my path, 
Filled with promise and positivity, 
I give thanks daily and practice gratitude with regularity.
Love and Peace.

I have found my peace, my happiness and will forge ahead armed with new weapons, and skills to navigate my way.

Blessed New Year!

Today’s post features the maxi dress from A Sense of Style, which will be available at next weeks Vintage High Tea (read about it here). I have styled it three ways, which is similar to what can be expected from our live styling demo. This dress is perfect for balmy Summer nights out, scorching days on the beach over a swimsuit or as a long length layered item over jeans for a modest look.

A dressed up look, belted slightly, with heels

Or change it up with sneakers and leave it open (I wrapped the ties to the back
around the neck so it drapes like a waterfall

Outfit details:
A Sense of Style Maxi dress
ZARA caged sandals
Forever New Wool floppy hat
Micheal Kors handbag
Woolworths t-shirt
Woolworths white straight legged jeans
Thurman silver pumps
Adidas Stan Smith sneakers
Vogue sunglasses
American Swiss earrings

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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