Friday 23 October 2015

Spring Cleaning & Evening OOTD

Happy Friday Readers!
Spring has made its appearance (finally!) and with it, the florals, lighter fabrics, smiles and laughter have surfaced. I include smiles and laughter, because it’s as if Spring brings a tangible feeling of happiness; sunshine does that I suppose. It also brings the sense of renewal, new beginnings and a time to declutter life. 
Lets focus on that for now. It’s a synonym for spring cleaning and can apply to all aspects of life - from toxic people, to toxic feelings, bad eating habits, wardrobe and home. I have embarked on a process of spring cleaning my life, which I have mentioned in previous posts. This obvsiously included my wardrobe, and refers to my recently launched wardrobe audit services.

Decluttering the wardrobe is a therapeutic exercise and as one discards unused pieces, pieces which no longer fit you or your lifestyle, one realises that less is indeed more. Those unworn or hardly worn items can benefit someone in need instead of taking up unnecessary space. The important thing to note when spring cleaning is to be mindful of impulse purchases which remain unworn. 

The following are some of the important tips I impart to clients when consulting on their wardrobes:
  1. If you haven’t worn it in more than a year - donate if still wearable, or sell it if its relatively new or a designer item. Many platforms support second hand clothes sales.
  2. Take note of  the unworn clothes with tags- are they similar kind of pieces or colours which you really like but doesn’t fit your personal style?
  3. Be aware of your personal style and lifestyle, you don’t necessarily have to have everything that is trendy or high fashion. Incorporate only those trends which will fit with your lifestyle.
  4. Make a list of your most frequently worn items, these are usually work clothes. Ensure that these pieces are of a high quality (to weather frequent laundering) and have more than one of the basic pieces. 
  5. When purchasing high quality (which usually means expensive) basic pieces ensure that you’ll be able to pair it in a number of ways with a few different co-ordinates. This will ensure that the piece you’ve invested it was worth the money spent.

Having said that, today’s OOTD features a black batwing tunic from Few and Far Collections, paired with a ZARA tailored slim fit leggings with a trouser finish. These two pieces, are basic investment pieces as I will be able to style them both in various ways, with different co-ordinates. The black tunic can also be worn belted loosely as a dress with fitted leggings and flat sandals for a laid back look. This outfit is for evening wear, however the structured leggings can be worn with sneakers, t-shirt and kimono for a realxed casual look.

If you need some assistance with a wardrobe consult/declutter or styling, feel free to drop me a line, or make contact with me via one of my social media channels.


“Fashion is what you buy.
Style is what you do with it.”

Outfit details:
Tunic with gold embellishment from Few and Far Collection SA (shop here)
ZARA legging
Schutz heels from Stylemology (old)
Woolworths Necklace
Country Road Ring
Scarf from Bespoke Hijabi (now House of Bespoke by WH)
Accessorize pony hair clutch

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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