Friday 14 August 2015

Fearless Faux Fur Coat

Welcome Back readers and a Hello to new readers, 

This has been a short week, but one filled with so many good things and I sincerely hope its been equally rewarding for everyone else. I believe in the power of positive thinking, of dreams and goals; and working to make that a reality. In the spirit of Women's Month, I urge every woman out there to take that inner strength and turn all your sorrows into lessons, step on those obstacles in your life and move into a place where your tomorrows are filled with promise. 
This past weekend I attended the First Lady Affair, an event aimed at empowering women and highlighting the importance of taking time out to care for yourself. As women we are all caretakers and nurturing in various roles, as dutiful and loving daughters, as overloaded mums, caring spouses and hardworking employees and business owners. The message I walked away with was that there are times in life when you are beaten down, and we have all had those experiences, yet we carry on with poise and purpose. And despite our own baggage, we have no idea what the woman next to you on the bus, in front of you in the queue or driving that luxury car is dealing with. So be kind, always and try to reserve judgement - it's actually really therapeutic, to walk through life with this positivity.
Let's be strong women and make a concerted effort to uplift one another instead of adding to those life lessons beating us down.

Today's OOTD features a vintage fur coat, from Human Image, an outfit I put together for a mid week coffee date. I think its so important to dress for yourself, fearlessly, so even though this coat is just glam personified- I decided to make it work for a morning meeting. I paired it with part leather leggings, boots and a long length tunic white shirt (Few and Far Collection) under a knit. Living in Cape Town  means layering to account for season changes in one day. All items except the coat and shirt are recycled from previous seasons, of course! 

Outfit details:
Vintage Fur Coat from Human Image
Mango Sequin embellished knit Leggings (shop similar here)
Woolworths leather boots
Cotton On on beanie
Stance sequin socks from (shop here)
Pauls Boutique shopper
Mimco bracelet
Colette Hayman necklace

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. That coat is amazing! I'm going to have to hunt something like it down for my closet :)

  2. This is such a great outfit! I love how you pulled it together :)

    Nihaad - the little blog of STUFF

  3. Love ur Outfit, that coat is a stunner just love ur look :)