Monday 17 August 2015

Transitional jumpsuit OOTD

Dear Readers, 

This week has really chased Summer away and the chill is now palpable. Giving rise to the need for transitional outfits, and just because I’m not ready to let Summer go, I mix and layer items for the changing seasons.
School has also started again, and with it the crazy schedule has kicked in. At times I wonder how I managed to cope with all this running around, homemaking, coaching and mentoring kids and working really hard on a career! 
As things happens, the more you have to do, as a mom you just squeeze it into the time you do have. Multitasking in an attempt to keep everyone happy, losing sleep because the brain is trying to sort out things for the next day - that’s how we do it! I have realised recently, that it is essential to remember (despite knowing this) to take time out for myself. The art is to not feel guilty, as one does, and I often do, that I could be doing something else for the kids, the home, husby, family and so on and so on…
And so, I realise that I know all these things, I know all the tips to remain a sane SAHM - I have forgotten to take that time out. Time to get my act together and plan, add those time outs to the diary… And unlike my corporate job, which encroached on my family time and life, it still had an end at some point. My current ‘occupation’ doesn’t have an end, it continues as long as I am conscious and awake and able to squeeze in that extra errand or trip to school. Leave from my job used to entail carefully planned days off, spa trips, reading time, time to watch a movie or series catchup, lunches and even extra sleep so that I could return to the office refreshed! Now I try to fit in a massage and it has to be a quick trip before fetching kids from school, or read in the car whilst waiting outside music class. 
I am therefore on a mission, to REMEMBER me in my daily tasks as a wife, mum, homemaker, administrator, bookkeeper … Wish me luck!

Today’s lookpost is a transitional one where I have layered a ’summery’ printed jumpsuit, but demonstrate how to wear it for Autumn, with a denim jacket and sneakers for an everyday SAHM. It can also be dressed up with heeled pumps, a warm longer length blazer for the office.


MrP jumpsuit (old)
Guess denim jacket
Old Khaki scarf
Adidas Adipure 360 sneakers
Necklace Collette Hayman
Forever New Rose gold earrings 
Ted Baker handbag by Stuttafords
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo


  1. Amazing jumpsuit! I love the colour and the head scarf looks fantastic

  2. Love the way u mix and match ur jumpsuit,colours ect looks awesum with style. Love ur post :)