Friday 17 July 2015

Leather, lace and Stripes

Hi again readers,

And so the end of the fast has come to an end and I can't help but feel sad, for the tranquillity this month has afforded me. Sad for the moments of reflection, the rewarding feeling of being mindful of and participating in the increased charity this month and the special times spent in prayer with my family. With each year that passes I feel as if I have made great progress on my path to a better me and Ramadaan is the time that I make the most progress. So before I get back on the roller coaster of normal life, where the schedule is crazy and the pace chaotic, I'd like to pause and appreciate the time I have been gifted. I trust that everyone has found that inner peace, and had a rewarding and blessed month, culminating in a wonderful celebration of Eid tomorrow.
Eid Mubarak!
I feel as if I have been in hibernation, venturing out on essential errands only and keeping up to date with news via occasional visits to social media. By next week I will be longing for this time holed up at home with nothing to do but spend time with the kids and cook and in prayer. The cold weather seems to be encroaching and I will be back on the frosty soccer field every Saturday morning ... So by next week, I will feel as if this past month has been little more than a dream, or I may not even have the time to think of it with the return to being busy mom. 
One thing, I'm really happy to be returning to normal, healthy eating patterns...

And onto today's look, typical relaxed look and perfect to run that quick errand. This dress is actually a Forever New summer piece, which I chose to layer with leather look leggings and a leather jacket. I absolutely love leather jackets and have quite a collection to choose from, the great thing is that they have all been good buys from diverse stores. My gifted handbag, Mango flats and the formerly Bespoke Hijabi scarf finish the look.

Outfit details:

Forever New Dress
Leather jacket from Indian Fair
Country Road handbag
MrP leather look leggings
Mango (Dubai) flats
Hse of Bespoke by WH scarf
Old bracelet, pearl earrings and necklaces

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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