Friday 24 July 2015

Marsala Eid OOTD

Happy Friday readers!

Every time we get a glimpse of life without winter, like earlier this week, the promise of Spring fills the air, albeit temporarily. We had just such an experience this past weekend, where Eid day dawned bright and fresh, all cleansed from the previous days' constant downpour. The weather was such a blessing, and I had fully intended to bring out the faux fur coat, but really, with the gorgeous sun out I decided against it. I usually don't specifically shop for Eid, as I can generally put something together from my existing wardrobe (the kids are my priority of course!). I pulled this Marsala lace number from the closet (purchased a little before the fast and never worn), and paired it with my favourite sequined glam blazer. 
I was happy to have scored some good shoes on the ZARA sale, one of them matched the outfit perfectly, and the scarf is the only particular piece I bought for Eid, a lovely embellished Kashka from Riehana's scarves. It's always important to invest in pieces that can be incorporated into other looks, where they can be dressed up or down, for a glam occasion or even a regular night out. 
Classic pieces that won't date easily will transcend many seasons and if the quality is good, it will last long while still looking impeccable. 

Overall the day was an enjoyable one, spent in the company of loved ones - an additional blessing one has to be mindful of on this celebration. The feeling of community in the neighbourhood is so special and the kids (particularly my youngest who visited every night with plates of treats) enjoyed the interaction. The teenagers clearly have their own agenda which includes friends and hanging out, so after family time they each headed off to spend some time with their peers... Just a little reminder of their growing independence!

Enjoy the pics... along with some family snaps thrown in.

And onto the family snaps:

The youngest just needs a smile and he's ready, the teens need to 'prepare' for photos!

They have sprouted right past me, I'm no shorty and I'm wearing heels! 
My main guy and I

My afternoon outfit:

Marsala lace dress from Threadz Clothing
Old sequined blazer (Sass)
ZARA Embellished heels
Riehana's Scarves Kashka scarf
Chanel bag purchased abroad (old)
Rebelfunk necklace
Diamante earrings (old)
Gifted Country Road Ring

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo