Monday 29 June 2015

Hope for the Orphans WAR Benefit Dinner

Happy Monday lovelies! 

We're heading towards the halfway mark of Ramadaan, and I have been reflecting on issues which were foremost in my mind last year this time. And whilst social media has settled down somewhat and the atrocities of war does not face one at every page refresh, the reminders are still there, lurking. Read my post on the inhumanities of war here. Whilst the news called the escalation of war in Palestine last year, the 51 day war, its still continuing with very little sign of slowing down.

It is with this in mind that I feel the need to highlight the wonderful things still being done by locals to raise funds for worthy causes. This event may have happened a few weeks ago, I'd still like to raise awareness of the inspiring individuals who make the effort to make a difference. 

Fatima Wise (memrsme & Chroma Creative) the force behind this initiative along with Little Big Events Planners hosted a dinner at Baran's Restaurant in the CBD. All proceeds from the dinner were to be donated to the innocent victims of war, the orphans from the Syrian civil war.

The beautiful (inside and out) Fatima Wise

It was enjoyable evening filled with some entertaining moments, thanks to Yaaseen Barnes, Roeshdien Jaz and Siphokazi Jonas. Due to the purpose of the evening, it was essential that it be interspersed with sombre moments. We were given some background to the Al-Imdaad Foundation, the charity organisation who works with Syria, and have set up orphanages for those guilt-free souls. They also provide housing and food apart from other aid for the displaced victims of war in many other countries. A Syrian Freedom Activist, Nassar Erkurdi, also highlighted the dire situation Syria finds it self in; while speaking from a personal perspective, as someone who has lost family and his home in this crisis.

Nassur Erkurdi, Syrian Freedom Activist

There were so many sponsors, and guests were lucky enough to win spot prizes and donated paintings  and artwork were auctioned- all with great spirit. The evening ended off with some talented youngsters from Khanya Performing Arts Group showcasing their amazing musical talent.

Very proud he managed to buy the Nisa Gaibie artwork
My painting (Sponsored by Nisa Gabie) which hubby bought via auction
Farah Ariefdien (Rebelfunk and one of the prize sponsors) with hubby

As a community we should be so proud and appreciative of every single person, sponsor, organiser who made this evening possible. 
An overall amount of R20,000 was raised and handed over earlier this month.
Well Done ladies!!

Photos courtesy of Little Big Events Planners

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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