Tuesday 11 June 2013

I love the leather trend

This past weekend has seen Cape Town in the throes of an awful cold front. The city was battered  by gale force winds, thunder and lightning was a constant presence and the hail covered the streets like snow. This is all a reminder of global warming and what we are doing to our planet. Something I try to stress to my kids daily is the importance of looking after earth, recycling and conserving energy.  They are the future generation after all.

Onto less depressing things for now.... my coats have come out of storage sooner than expected as result of this sudden freeze.

I love the leather trend, whether its a full leather item, leather accents in shirts, jeans or jerseys it a trend that anybody can pull off. If you're not a fan of a full leather item, then the accents will work perfectly as seen on my previous post (leather pocket boyfriend cardi). In this post I am wearing a leather jegging from woolworths, but chose a size bigger for a bit of a pants look. it was also perfect for the cold weather as its fleece lined :-).

I am wearing:
Coat by Define at Stuttafords
Leather jegging and beret from Woolworths
Guess jersey
Scarf from indian Trade fair
Sneakers Perry Book store
Earrings Lovisa

The recent Spring 2013 collections were filled with leather items as well:

Fashion pics from http://www.elle.com 

So go ahead and embrace this trend, seems it will be around for a while.


RuBe xoxo


  1. Leather is totally in , loving this look and that coat is gorgeous , hope you have a gorgeous day xo

    Meghan Silva's Blog