Friday 11 September 2015

Stars & Stripes & freedom

Hello dear readers, 

This has a been a week of highs and lows, in equal proportions. It started off really well with my radio interview on Voice Of the Cape with Roshan on her new show, Cover Mode. (Listen here). I had the opportunity of talking about blogging, modesty and wardrobe consulting. My eldest son also started his week of job shadowing in anticipation of applying to universities.

This is bittersweet for me, as it is an indicator of my firstborn baby taking his first steps into the BIG WIDE world, as an adult! However, it is such an exciting time as I can remember taking my first steps into the world and it really doesn't seem that long ago. It's like I'm reliving those teen years again, except with the anguish of being the parent, and wondering if their choices are the right ones... Trying to protect them from the world of hurts, disappointments and materialism....

I have recently embarked on an emotional journey to heal myself from the inside and deal with childhood issues which affect my daily life... This week my emotions took a real knock, and just like that - I find myself off kilter in the middle of a week of meetings, clients, seminars and mommy life. But the reality is that we all need to heal from the inside, so that togetherness we portray on the outside matches the inside. It's a work in progress and it's not always easy...*sigh*

To end off my week, my middle son, suffered a sports injury (story of my life) and mommy mode needs to kick in. It's amazing how nurturing and caring for others helps to restore emotional equilibrium, and voila(!) I felt a little less emotional. And not discounting the constant love and support from my hubby and sons cheering me on along the way.
It makes me a little more able to continue daily life... as exhausting as it may be!

Today's lookpost is reflective of my choice to walk away from traumatic incidences and their power over my mental state. I choose to deal with inner demons, face them, fight them and heal. My  stars and stripes theme is freedom and matching the outer calm with the inner, not to use our outfits as armour against the world and rather a mirror to the world.

These pieces are all from previous seasons, except the gorgeous Vince Camuto leather iridiscent heels. I absolutely love this pump, bought recently on sale and picked up for a steal! 
It appears purple and then blue and sometimes black.. depending on the light. These changeable
colours represent the various aspects of ourselves we show to the world when placed in different situations. 
Peace. Love. Light. 

Stylemology blazer (old)
Foschini skirt (old)
Forever New lace top (last season)
Vince Camuto iridiscent courts
Country Road handbag
Woolworths necklace (old)
Scarf (old)
Ray Ban sunglasses from Sunglass Hut (old)

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