Friday 25 September 2015

SS15 with Human Image & RuBe's Closet

Hello readers, 

I hope this short week has been a good one, it has been another rollercoaster for me. Just when I find myself on an even keel, a few more things come hurling at me and derails emotional progress. This week has taken a lot of energy to try and stay focused on each day. My challenge has been to address issues effectively with the final goal of feeling safe. 
A word that carries so much meaning, and is sometimes just as difficult to obtain. Nonetheless, I choose to focus on positive things and people; people who inspire and support.

Last week, I was invited to participate in the launch of the Spring Summer '15 range of Human Image - as wardrobe consultant and stylist for RuBe's Closet. Aysha Allie, the designer behind Human Image, is someone whom I've met along this journey, embodies empowerment- not just because she does great work, but also because she is selfless, and eager to empower and assist others. 
Her range includes some beautiful, light maxi dresses and shirt dresses, longer length structured white shirts and structured tailored pants. All of these are manufactured using quality fabrics, with the aim that it will last and look good for a while to come. 
Her philosophy ties in closely with mine- mindful, smart shopping- which means investing in really good basic pieces (which can be found at her home studio). The great part of her range is that pieces can be tailor made to fit your exact measurements. 
The Launch took place at her home studio, themed as a Spring brunch. 
Aysha told us about her new range, her collaboration with Gadija Khan; and the fabrics she's introduced and embraced, with the idea of making items affordable as well as classic. 
I then introduced my wardrobe consulting, getting a tad emotional whilst doing it- since it was the first official introduction of my 'baby'! Thank you to all the wonderful souls for their encouragement and kind words, it restores my faith in human kindness. (I guess corporate can sometimes make one cynical). Thank you Aysha, Lamees, Gadija, Leila, Natalie, Roshan, Namreen and Imrah for the support on the day!

Doctor Leila then touched on the importance of sunscreen, and recommended Heliocare, a range which really impressed me. A sunscreen, suitable for all skin types, which is also available in a tinted formulation... She even spoke about a tablet/ capsule which can be ingested for skin protection! 

Overall it was a beautiful morning spent with stunning ladies. 
To purchase any pieces from The Human Image Range, please get in touch with Aysha on 0723711695 or visit her studio at 65 4th Avenue Rondebosch East.

The suncreen will also be available to purchase from Ayesha for a limited period. 
Alternatively visit Leila's practice  for the recommended sunscreen at 16 Forest Drive, Pinelands, Tel: 021 8242170.

The only photo I have of myself... and it's a selfie with the gorgeous Namreen! 

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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