Friday 24 April 2015

Modest Oversized OOTD

Hello again lovelies, 

The crop top has been the rage all summer and since I'm more of a modest fashionista I haven't really followed the crop top trend. Until I found this oversize boxy embossed top on one of my favourite online stores, Spree. The main thing that caught my eye with this top, was not really the fact that it was a crop, but more the beautiful embossed fabric. I am a huge fan of prints, beautiful fabrics and the way they drape, so it's important to me what the fabric composition is. Which brings me to a few tips I feel will be helpful for those contemplating online shopping (locally or internationally).

One of the significant factors (for me personally) when buying online is to check the care guide to determine the quality and durability of the fabric. Since I cannot touch and feel it, I need to ensure that it is of good quality and will retain its shape after washing- its also very important that light coloured items are not only dry cleanable. This just works out way too pricey!

An additional tip, is to know your measurements in cm's, as brands sizes vary, Australian and American brands are usually bigger, and try to familiarise yourself with European vs South African sizes. I even take it a step further and measure my foot dimensions too, in the case of purchasing shoes from overseas online stores, ensuring a perfect fit. 

As a fashionista, I love new trends and fashions, but I will bypass certain ones, comfortable in the fact that it will not suit me, my  body type or my personality. I tend to frequent international online stores as they are usually ahead of the trend curve. In doing so I have learnt some important lessons such as the importance of knowing your exact measurements, asking questions about the fabric, delivery lead times and whether customs is paid upfront (this is a very important question as customs duties are exceptionally high! A maximum of 54% including VAT).

A very important aspect of buying from international online stores is to ensure the reliability of the store and that you have a money back guarantee. Whilst it may very hard to return an international parcel, the reputable online stores offer a full refund and this generally will put my mind at ease when needing to make payment.

This outfit features my online purchase, which I was very impressed with since it was very well priced and the quality of the fabric was really good. It also washes and retains the shape perfectly!
I paired it with a grungy boyfriend jeans, silver sandals and a striped tank to add interest to the embossed fabric.

My outfit:

Oversized crop by Spree
Woolworths boyfriend jeans (buy similar styles here)
Mimco Sandals (shop here)
Chanel handbag bought abroad
Silk Scarf old
Ziba Styles necklace
Witchery statement ring (shop here)

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. Although your outfit may appear so simple it looks so lovely. It's always nice to see some style inspiration once in a while.

    Shannon // 6th Skyline

    1. Thanks! Shannon- And good luck with 6th Skyline blog.

  2. You have amazing style!! Love your necklace, hair scarf and jeans. xxx