Friday 20 February 2015

Some scary realisations & Jumpsuit print

Hi Readers, 

This has been quite a week, I have come to the realisation that my first born is growing into a young adult. I’ve spent the greater part of the week recovering from the flu, ensuring he goes to physio to heal his ankle (sprained for the 5th time in a year) and taking him to rehab fitness training in an attempt to get him ready for his Holland tour in just over a month. We have been on separate continents before, but he has always been the one at home with family taking care of him. This time, I will be home and he will be abroad - without either parent - which is a first. It means my boy will be thousands of kilometres away playing hockey,  and I won’t be there to watch him… *cue silent sobbing*

As babies they go through separation anxiety, and I now find myself on the verge of it myself. My baby is growing up and going into the big world on his own for the very first time. I know he will have teachers, chaperones and coaches, but he won’t have ME! We have roughly a month to calm me down, and for me to get used to the idea…. Wish me luck!

Today’s lookpost was taken on a scorcher of a day, one where we had to get dressed up for a very fancy dinner.  I was not keen on something stiff so this was the perfect alternative to a dress. It’s no secret that I have been sucked in by the jumpsuit trend, and this one is made of silk, is very loose (thus modest) and the print so pretty. Of course, I paired it with my favourite heels of the moment- I realise I’m going to have to give them a break soon- I’ve been wearing them to death!

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit by Spree
ZARA Heels own import
Jo Borkett scarf
Accesorize clutch
Victoria Secret angel wings necklace
Lips by Dior
Bracelets by Tiffany and Guess

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. All the best on ur eldest Hockey journey and Wow I just loooov that jumpsuit U luk awesum :D

  2. Love the jumpsuit! Such a pretty pattern :)