Thursday 5 February 2015

Dubai Summer Holiday

Hi readers, 
I have had such a crazy schedule and to add to the crazy my internet connectivity decided to make things a little more interesting by refusing to work!
I’ve finally nailed down my Dubai post and decided that I would do the two cities separately since they were such different experiences. 

I had been looking so forward to this break, 2014 was another insanely busy year and it’s also the first time in years that husby and I are able to take an extended break without the kids. I love travelling with my kids, but sometimes there are things (like shopping) I’d like to do and they’re not always keen. 
Another really big bonus was that an old friend had assisted us with accommodation, ie booking etc and it made all the difference! We stayed at the absolutely gorgeous Jumeirah Beach Hotel (JBH), directly opposite the Burj Al Arab and with kilometres of uninterrupted private beaches. Since it was my second trip in a year to Dubai, I was sure that 5 days would be enough… Well I think we could have stayed longer all thanks to the awesomeness that was JBH! 
Taken from our bedroom- simply beautiful
We had an amazing view overlooking the Burj Al Arab, the sunsets in the distance behind the Burj Al Arab, the luxury yachts docked in the basin and endless sea. We were instantly in chilled holiday mode when we arrived in our room, and took some time to rest up before meeting up with my pal for dinner. 

Out first evening Dubai Mall selfie

Some of our dining highlights included Urbano restaurant in the Souk Al Bahar in the Dubai Mall. A darling Italian restaurant overlooking the dancing fountains. And secondly, at Pierchic  based in Al Qasr, Jumeirah, a high end  Mediterranean seafood restaurant. This is such a special place as the atmosphere is romantic, our company good and of course the food, excellent.

A nice touch added to our evening meal at Pier Chic

Pier Chic out in the middle of the ocean
We were lucky enough to enjoy pre-dinner drinks at Skyview Bar, Burj Al Arab, with the most breathtaking views. And the hotel itself? Well that was just pure opulence in pure Dubai fashion - it is afterall a 7-star rated hotel!

The location of Skyview Bar
En route to Sky View
Enough about the food, although I have to note that all out cuisine throughout the holiday differed greatly from when we travel with the boys. We also tried some scuba diving at the hotel, visited Ski Dubai and took a leisurely ride on the Abra (much like a gondola) along the canals in Al Qasr and Madinat.
The souks, didn’t disappoint either and I loved the authentic feel of the Madinat Souk. For a more contemporary shopping experience, we frequented Mall of the Emirates (mainly because of its proximity to JBH) and Dubai Mall… And boy did we enjoy the ‘part’ sales which is actually the sales before the festival starts. It was good enough for me!

Caught snoozing (haha) on the metro station

From top left: Hubby shopping at Bloomingdales, these Gucci sneakers stole my heart; Harvey Nichols and the gorgeousness of SJP heels; I love seeing the different window displays, my Isabel Marant sneakers in the Shoe Level District.

Golf cart selfie

The abra on the Madinat canals

Outdoor meals are the best… and with this view = perfection!
Madinat souk

Abra Station, shopping in hand

This is how we travel around the resort
Some souvenir photos

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo