Monday 10 February 2014

RAIN Africa’s Sole

I don’t usually do reviews, but ever since I have been exposed to RAIN products, I have become an avid fan (and thus needed to share it). Needless to say, when we were presented with a voucher in our CTBlogger Meet goodie bag for a treatment, I was really excited!

While shopping in Cavendish Square last week, I walked past their store and noticed the sign saying walk in treatments available. Say Whaaat? That was the best news ever, as I’m not really good at scheduling treatments in advance and just want it when I want it. Twenty minutes later I was led into the Cocoon Room. Aptly named, the room I entered was dimly lit with dark coloured walls, the air filled with jungle background noises and tree branches strategically placed. And in the middle of the room stood the two treatment beds.  I felt like I was really enveloped in the middle of a jungle, the animal sounds and the far off tribal drumming gave it a truly magical feel. 

Because I have sleeping difficulties,  I chose the Sole Treatment which is supposedly good for sleep irregularities. This treatment  involves a foot soak, a dusting of foot powder for the pressure point massage, followed by a traditional foot massage. It was absolute bliss! *sigh* I fell asleep somewhere along the way, which is an added bonus for me - some much needed sleep!

I would highly recommend the RAIN spa, their products are amazing and their slogan “created for living” just adds that extra feel good dimension. The pleasant therapist with her calm serene manner, made the experience that much more special. The final touch was the little token item to eat, drink and sniff; not forgetting the take home package. 

Apologies for the photo quality, it was taken with my phone in the dimly lit room.

The cocoon room hidden in the corner
of the store
The cocoon room is so tranquil

Straw box filled with grapes

Some iced tea to drink and herbs to open the sinuses

Such a lovely touch to end ’soleful’ experience

Ciao for now,


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