Tuesday 29 October 2013

Turban tutorial

Hello again lovely readers!

Since I started trying my hand at turbans and scarf wrapping, it has become easier and easier with practice. And whilst I am by no means an expert, due to a few requests, I have decided to post a shot tutorial. (I hope it can assist some ladies out there)

Step 1:

Since most ladies use the flower clip, which I do not own and cannot use as it cannot clip onto my short hair; I have used my sock bun doughnut instead to keep the turban in place. (And to give it a little shape)

Step 2:

I then tie a small non-slip scarf around my head and the bun. This ensures that the top scarf stays in place and does not slip. I don't usually do this step as I am always in a hurry... so this is an optional step but useful if the fabric of your top scarf is rather slippery.

Step 3:

Tie the scarf around your head and bring the two ends around to the top

Step 4: (Also optional)

In this instance I chose to add a headband for a little bit of glamour. Add the headband before wrapping the two ends around the bun area.

Step 5:

Wrap the two ends around the head and bring the ends to the back and secure by tying into a knot.

Step 6:

Tuck in the loose ends and Voila!

If the ends are long enough, tie it into a bow on the side or leave a loose piece down the one side for variations.

I hope this post was useful to some ladies, and as I mentioned previously I am really not an expert and also finding my way in the scarf wrapping world. 

Good luck!

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. Beautiful! I tie mine the same... I don't use a flower clip, it hurts my head.
    You look stunning in your hijab, MashAllah!

    1. Shukran! I know I also wouldn't be able to use the flower clip.
      Too tight ;-)