Saturday 12 October 2013

Floral Graduation celebrations

Last month my father-in-law achieved an amazing milestone, he graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy. He is an eternal scholar, an amazing role model and a wonderful dad and grandfather. He bears testimony to the age-old adage that one is never too old to learn; and embodies the saying: "The education of a man is never completed until he dies", by Robert E. Lee. Our dad inspires us to be the best that one can be and to continually seek self-improvement through knowledge.

I totally subscribe to this philosophy and will strive to pass this credo onto my kids, Inshallah (God willing). I can only hope to be as good an example as he is.

It was therefore fitting to celebrate his achievement at one of  his favourite restaurants, Pigalle. Since my sister in law and her hubby are in Mecca on pilgrimage, there were twelve of us (although they were sorely missed). It was an unusually chilly weekend for spring, and the previous night was his ceremony at the university was absolutely freezing! Brrr!!!

My choice of outfit for the evening was a floral Mango dress, with my imported leather jacket.

His first time at a fancy restaurant and he was so impressed! 
Dad and his boys

These two are growing past me!

Mom and baba
I wore:

Mango dress
Asos Jacket
Falke tights
Nine West heels
Mango sling bag
Scarf by Old Khaki
Witchery leather cuff
Sass Diva earrings
Pringle leather gloves

Ciao for now,


  1. Oh my word those Nine-ies are so pretty! One day I wanna visit ypou closet!