Monday 2 September 2013

My Birthday evening out

Hello again!

My birthday is usually overshadowed (in my mind, I suppose) by my eldest son's birthday which is 3 days later. This year, even more so as it kind of slipped my mind that my birthday was around the corner until the night before! I suppose this happens when you're a mum, and having to ensure that someone else's day is special and preparations are in order.

I usually cook their favourite meals, bake the cake, try my best to get the right gift and then set up a treasure hunt when they first wake up on the day of their birthday.

So my day started like any other, waking the family, preparing breakfast... and a sick baby. Of course my presents were unveiled to the sounds of happy birthday being sung in extremely slow tones (everyone having just woken up). Then the routine kicked in, followed by a visit to the doctors surgery.

All that aside, I would not want to spend my birthday with anyone else, whether it be to prepare breakfast or lunch for my sick kid. The day ended on high note, spending it with my soul mate and best friend at Baia at V & A Waterfront. It was indeed a spectacular dinner, with outstanding service and food.

My celebratory outfit included a crushed satin blazer which I dug out of the archives with a slim black trouser and reworked vintage silk shirt.

Gifts from hubby over the years: Tag watch, tennis 
bracelet and rings. I am really spoilt (and grateful)!

Lovely food as always, prawns, langoustines and baby lobster

I love the decor at Baia, so elegant

This is what the waiter sourced for me as dessert since I didn't
really want anything except a cappucino. Along with
the birthday song!

I wore:
Scarf from Indian Fair
Crushed silk blazer (old) 
Silk shirt from Guard the vintage
Country Road Slim pants
Guess suede heels
Accessorize clutch
Earrings Lovisa
Necklace Sass Diva 

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo


  1. Can't believe you skipped their Lindt Chocolate pudding!! Happy Birthday, and you looked usual.

    1. Thanks Namreen, I was so stuffed, barely finished my platter! And I'm usually not a dessert person anyways... Love my food instead.

  2. This is so so pretty!Hope you enjoyed your day!:)

  3. Beautiful pictures :)