Friday 27 September 2013

Being Birthday girl Mum

Hello lovely readers!

The morning of my birthday, I woke up to have my little one in pain with swollen glands and in excruciating pain :'( As any mom knows, when you have a sick little one, all plans go out the window and auto pilot nursemaid kicks in. So when the older boys and dad had left and the first appointment slot with the doctor booked, we hurried out. Ihsaan bundled against the cold in his PJ's and padded windbreaker... me with a roughly thrown together outfit

So this post is dedicated to Ihsaan (9), who despite being sick with a viral gland infection, insisted on taking pics for my blog. He really likes this parka I bought on the Woolworths sale recently and felt it had to be on the blog! While I think its just an impulsive ensemble, make up free and beanie to boot, he thought I looked good enough to photograph (eeeek!!) Kids are so sweet and loveable like that.

Besides, being a mum, this is my reality and I'm sure as for many other mums out there too, who have to dash out without having the time to think or plan an outfit. In my haste, I threw together my black Asos maxi with the Woollies leather sleeve parka. 

My outfit:

Asos Maxi
Woolworths parka
Factorie slouchy beanie
Country Road boots 
Various accessories form Honey, Aldo and jewellers

PS: At least I had the opportunity to dress up the evening for my birthday dinner after the patient had been put to bed. (See that post here)

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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