Tuesday 10 September 2013

Living the Crystal Life

Bistro at Life Day Spa

In honour of my birthday celebrations hubby and I enjoyed a  lovely weekend break at the world class Crystal Towers hotel and Life Day Spa.

Aside from the weather being absolutely miserable, Ghaalid and I were driving all over Cape Town carting the kids. I had an early morning meeting at 7:45am, Ziyaad had to be on the hockey field by 7am, Ameer played soccer on the other side of Cape Town and the same for Ihsaan who played in Tableview. So a rather crazy start to the weekend!

We eventually made it to the hotel and after checking in, we popped downstairs for a light sushi lunch on the terrace overlooking the swimming pool. It was so relaxing and the perfect place to unwind after our hectic morning schedule.

Thereafter we made our way to Life Day Spa for a couples massage, no other word to describe it except, heavenly! We were practically floating out of the luxurious spa and into the magenta lit lifts on our way back to the room for a little nap.

The service at the Spa and Hotel is absolutely perfect, from the valet parking (and hubby doesn't just let anyone drive his car), to the check-in and attention to detail. Even though it was a mere 16 km away from home, I felt so removed from the outside world which was just what I needed for a recharge.

We had supper at the Towers restaurant, which was did not offer the same standard of service as we had experienced all afternoon. It was unfortunately a big let down, but not enough to ruin my evening.
We waited about 30 mins before anyone approached us to take drinks order, or starter order, after which we waited an eternal time for the food to arrive. My salmon was not cooked according to my request either, but we were filled with such langour from our lazy afternoon, we just left it, ate and left.

Our room was opulent and open plan, even the bath and shower were in the open with the loo in a little room. The view was amazing and at night one can see the lights and even the stadium from our vantage  point.

The next morning breakfast was as good as a buffet can be, I suppose also in the Towers restuarant. I particularly liked the decor, the finishes and light fittings throughout the hotel.

I would most certainly do another stay... a holiday with actually going on holiday!

Our room, with the shower at the back and concealed TV

Pictures courtesy of African Pride Hotels

Some of my own pics:


View from our room

This magenta backlighting runs throughout the hotel

Winter dinner menu at the Towers restuarant

Fireplace in the breakfast room

Lighting in the breakfast room is so opulent

I love books..so this bookshelf was heaven to me!

Ciao for now,


  1. I would go crazy in that place! it's absolutely beautiful! I love your blog :) I've followed you, could you please follow me back ?

  2. Every item I drive past I love the swimming pool up in the air! I pass it at least once a week but have never been in. My sister in law got engaged there :)

    1. You should go inside even if it is for coffee at the deli! It's so opulent and pretty inside :-D