Tuesday 13 August 2013

My Neon Eid

Eid day dawned, and it had turned out sunny and dry and less chilly. We were so blessed after the wave of icy cold the preceding couple of days. I hope everyone had a beautiful day with family and friends.

The end of the fast was celebrated with great enjoyment by the boys who were starting to look really exhausted. The month meant very little play, they spent  a lot of time reading Quran, helping in the kitchen, homework with a little bit of free time. So they were ready to return to normal life and resume sports activities, TV, games and... of course eating!

As usual we spend the day visiting neighbours, friends and family and passing on good wishes. The kids, all decked out in new threads, receive money and gifts, which makes the day extra special for them.

I usually have many unworn dresses in my closet, so I decided to wear one of them and only bought some accessories and a clutch, my shoes were a recent import. I don't really do shopping centres during the fast unless it is an absolute emergency, so no retail therapy during Ramadan (I'm sure online shopping doesn't count?)…

My morning outfit is usually one geared for comfort as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing lunch, so I wore my Perry Book Store princess skirt with a silver lurex knit top. I was unfortunately so busy that  I neglected to take pics!

After lunch, I chose a knitted print dress with sparkle tights and my Louboutin inspired neon and perspex heels.

Fully beaded clutch

Snake print on my dress

These shoes are actually neon, and not yellow as they appear on this pic - red soles inclusive
My boys and I

Some friends who visited the morning
My afternoon outfit:
Dress (old sale purchase)
Falke tights
Shoes own import
Scarf Edgars
Accessorize clutch
Forever New Necklace
Honey earrings

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo

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