Tuesday 6 August 2013

Free Spirit

Hello lovelies!

The fast is almost at an end, and I am happy to say that I have accomplished all I wanted. It's the first Ramadan that I am at home and able to spend the time exactly as I planned it.

Being a stay-at-home mum has been amazing, although I suspect that after the fast, I will start to feel restless with the need to be doing ME things ( i.e. not mommy duties, or wife duties, or homemaker duties) :-)

I have been blessed with the ability to pursue so many other things... things I would not have been able to do whilst working.

One of the most challenging projects has been my sewing and design classes. It has given me a new appreciation for a fine garment, made in an exquisite fabric. I have never been good at needlework, and even dropped it at high school, but I have always been interested in fashion, always wanting unique and unusual pieces. I would therefore alter some items myself (by hand) whether to bead, embroider or change it up. So it made perfect sense that I would purchase a sewing machine and enrol for classes, right? It's not important that I had no idea how to operate a sewing machine, or cut on a pattern, or even alter something! But, I have learnt and am still learning as I go along....

So I feel the need to acknowledge, Abashiya Achilles (there are many others I'm sure), the lady behind Fabulous in Hijab (Check out her FB page here), who made me this lovely leather-look maxi tube skirt. All the hard work, and time behind the sewing machine is now something I can relate to, although I doubt I will enter the realm of garment manufacturing!

I paired the skirt with the Free Spirit, Quirky Stylista top and one of my favourite Converse sneakers, for a chilled look.

I am wearing:
Mr Price sweatshirt
Fabulous in hijab leather look skirt
Beanie (old)
Converse sneakers
Rose Gold accessories from Sass Diva

RuBe xoxo