Friday 16 March 2018

Embracing My Bucket List

Happy Friday Readers!

We're heading into Autumn, with crisp morning air and cooler days. I absolutely love the change of seasons, it eloquently demonstrates that change is beautiful, if we only choose to see it. In the same way that Mother Nature undergoes 'changes' every few months, so do we also transition into different versions of ourselves on our path in life. I am fully aware that I need to grow and learn from my traumas, and from my daily interactions. Every single encounter will have a lesson or message for me, if I'm open to seeing it.

Last weekend I attended Fadwa Cozyn's Bucket list workshop, as part of her #SoulSeries workshops. And whilst I am generally very good at knowing what's on my bucket list, and focusing on achieving them, I instinctively knew that I would leave the workshop with some valuable tools. And of course I did! The workshop was more than just a bucket list workshop, it was a reminder to me of my souls contract on this earth. I believe that we all have a purpose, that we all have a contract which we are meant to fulfil, and regardless of how we feel about it, destiny (if that's you want call it) has been written. And the resounding message I took from this workshop is that if I just concentrate on my own written journey, I will have no time to be concerned about others' journeys. I know this to be true; since I started practising introspection, I do not need to be concerned with anyone else's journey. I have found that I am able to steer clear of inserting myself into the lives of my children beyond what I am meant to do as a parent. As my readers will know, when my sons entered young adulthood, I have had to learn to let go of the apron strings and be a guide, sometimes a mere observer, as they experience and learn from their own trials. I have realised that I cannot protect them from those lessons meant to strengthen them. 

A bucket list is essentially a list of wishes and dreams which I would like to fulfil in my lifetime. Needless to say travel destinations are a key element as well as family, personal growth and business goals. During the workshop it became very clear that each persons bucket list would differ significantly based on a personal value system. I am very clear on what my personal values are, and as a result, I am unaffected by what society expects from me. I further realised this week, as I conducted my consulting meetings, that a strategy or plan which clients and I formulate together, is no different to a bucket list. In fact, it could be looked at as a 'bucket list' of actions required to achieve a specific end goal (and we usually combine the personal and business). And in the same way that I need to know my value system to know what goes on my bucket list, we unearth the value system of the client, as this is what will propel the business forward. Each business will be intrinsically different, as each business owner has fundamentally different value systems. It therefore stands to reason, that each individual will have very individual aspirations, and that a married couple or business partners will align their goals to be in sync with each other in order to co-exist successfully.
Another big realisation which landed with me this week was that my bucket list is what propels me to live my best life. My aspirations and goals on this list is the basis for my life, and it has nothing to do with anyone else. Even as a wife and mother, my bucket list is mine, my life is mine first, and in those aspirations my roles as wife and mother formulate. Anyone concerned with someone elses bucket list, will clearly not be living their best life. It takes too much energy to be concerned with the aspirations and goals of others. It takes too much energy to want to live someone else's life. Especially when we have no idea what their personal trials are. It causes one to lose focus, seeping the fulfilment from your own life. This is where we can make the most impact on our own lives... live our own bucket list, and allow the next person to do the same. It will make space for so much gratitude and joy ♥️ 
Let's teach our youth how its done darlings!

Today's outfit is a beautiful ensemble by designer friend, Mohammad Rawoot, the master behind M-Couture
The contrasting prints and colours are meant to depict the myriad facets of who I am. It shows the many avenues I have travelled on my path to living my best "human experience", to quote Fadwa. The ensemble consists of a wide legged pants and light kimono, I improvised and added a loose top underneath (for modesty), instead of the vest the outfit came with. It's perfect for that night out with friends or weekend chilling with a pair of flats. These are part of his ready-to-wear range, Rock Couture, and can be ordered an ready to wear in 7 days.




MCouture pants & Kimono
Green Cross heels
Mimco bag
Old Scarf
Rebelfunk Earrings
Zulululookbook sunglasses
Lovisa necklace

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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